Récupérez les données supprimées à partir du PC Windows avec Stellar Data Recovery Professional

Digital Photo Recovery: A Step-By-Step Guide

Knowing that an important digital photo was deleted is quite depressing for many people. But there’s nothing to worry about; there’s one cool method you can resort to for you to recover lost photos. The technology we have today has given birth to an easy photo recovery process by means of digital picture recovery software. There are several photo recovery software you can get for just a few dollars, or you can have them downloaded for free. All you need to do first is to stay calm and learn the process of photo card recovery, whether your pictures got corrupted, or just deleted by accident.

Recover Deleted Photos in Fujifilm FinePix Z33 Digital Camera

One of the world’s smallest and lightest cameras that are geared with the waterproof technology, the Fujifilm FinePix Z33 WP is a great digital cam for outdoor activities. Whether you want to go to the beach, or take pictures while in a mountain trail, the Fujifilm FinePix Z33 WP would be the right camera for you. It comes with vibrant colors and good ergonomics.

Why Do You Need Data Recovery Software?

There is nobody in the world who hasn’t experienced the terrible felling after he accidentally deleted a file he really needed… or worked on for a long period of time. Same thing with opening your computer one day and finding out your precious file has been corrupted…

2 Ways to Know Your Online Backup Service Is Actually Working

Online backup is becoming more and more popular as an inexpensive way to keep your most important data safe. But, how do you know your data is actually backed up and the service isn’t just taking your money? In this article I will explain how you can trust but verify.

Are You Prepared If Your Hard Drive Fails?

Are you prepared for a Hard Drive Failure? Do you understand your storage options and needs? We will highlight some common data back up solutions for you, examine their pros and cons, and let you decide what works best for you!

Backup Is the Key

It’s all about backup! It is the most important aspect of your IT infrastructure as it will save your bacon more than once. The biggest issue I see is the misleading notion that if you put your data on an external drive you have a backup, not the case. A good backup has 3 elements to it, reliable destination media, a consist scheduled and the ability to restore when required. You will need at least 2 Tier system, one onsite and one off-site.

Disc Copier – How To Choose One

A disc copier is a tool that can mass copy data. It can copy from different sources – hard disks, CDs or DVDs.

Free and Simple Ideas – How to Backup Your Personal Data

Avoid the heartache of losing your personal data, photos, music, films and so on. Too many people lose data every single day. Here we take a look at how you can eliminate this with some free and simple ways of backing up your personal data.

Corruption of Fstab and Mtab Files and Available Linux Recovery Solutions

However advanced the technology may be and whatever precautions we may take, data loss is almost inevitable. Though Linux operating system is often improved upon its previous versions than any of its counterparts, still there are a number of reasons, for which data can be lost in a Linux operating system based computer. In a Linux computer, the fstab (/etc/fstab) and mtab (/etc/fstab) are the two most crucial directories.

Properly Backing Up Your Computer Data

If you have data on your computer, you need to make sure that it’s backed up. Find out what you can do that will help your properly back up your machine so you will always have your files.

With File Recovery Solutions Available, Data Loss Is No Longer a Nightmare

Data is indeed precious, be it a rare snap, document, video of any function or any audio clip. However, we realize the importance of the data once we face any situation of data loss.

Do I Need a Data Recovery Software?

Hoping that you are not one of the unfortunate individuals that has had their computer crash and had the need for a data recovery software.  However, in the event that you are one of these unfortunate individuals, here are some resources to help you avoid the need to use a data recovery software.  These are some general tips, but hopefully they will be of service to you.

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