How to Repair Photos in Photoshop?

Big Data And The Future!

No one would have ever imagined how life could be with electricity before its invention. But, after its invention, electricity transformed the lives. In fact the world changed completely thereafter. You must be wondering why I am talking about electricity when the title talks about Big Data. It is because the Big Data today, has become the electricity of the 21st century. It has gained such a power that it can transform anything it touches, be it business or private life or the Government. The only difference between the power generation and the Big Data is that it took a century for electricity to transform the world but Big Data is revolutionizing businesses in just a matter of a blink.

Data Backup: Are You Covered and Could You Recover?

Do you have a backup strategy and regularly take backups of your business data? This article emphasises the importance of data backup and provides a summary of the cost effective solutions available for small businesses.

Introduction to Cloud Hosting

An increasing number of businesses are finding it worthwhile to patronize the services of companies providing online hosting, also known as cloud hosting. Once the data is stored, the user can easily access it and also decide who else could have access to the same. Online hosting is offered by a third-party.

PC Repair – 9 Top Issues an IT Support Specialist Can Resolve

Both homes and businesses are dependent on computer systems and if something should go wrong with these, it is likely that it will have a detrimental effect. IT support specialists provide an invaluable service to repair a host of problems and to guarantee the continued best-possible user experience.

Backup Your Backup

If you didn’t know by now, anything electrical or mechanical can fail. Hard drives do fall into that category as do motherboards. If either one of these (or both) fails you may have lost everything you worked so hard to get.

How Cloud Storage Can Benefit Your Business

Considering making the switch to Cloud-based storage? Don’t rush into a hasty decision by following these simple steps!

Retrieve Hidden Files From External Hard Disk

Recovering the hidden files and folders is not a difficult task. Read more to learn about it.

How To Recover Deleted Files From Hard Disk Drive

Sometimes it becomes difficult to recover deleted files from a hard disk drive. Continue reading to find solutions.

Understanding the Difference Between Data Backup and Archiving – The Key to Accomplishing SEC 17a-4

An effective data protection strategy to achieve SEC rule 17a-4 includes both the regular backup and archiving of data. However, to be effective, it is important for small FINRA firms such as broker-dealers and registered investment advisors to fully understand the difference between these two processes.

Storing And Accessing Your Files Securely On The Move, Easily, and Efficiently

Now a days in the day and age of working from home, and working from a remote location, it is very important to access large data files, such as work sheets, spreadsheets, presentations and other sensitive data remotely and securely. You cannot afford to carry around all the information you may need for a meeting with you at all times.

Cloud Computing For Small Businesses – Reasons Why Should You Move To the Cloud

Cloud computing is an enormously vast concept, incorporating lots of technologies that make up a cloud. You may not need everything that cloud service has to offer, so take your time or probably go for try-before-buy services that allow you to test the waters devoid of taking on too much risk. Some providers may lure you into long-term contracts by allowing you to use their proprietary software. As experts suggest, you should look for a month-to-month service to ensure they provide what they say they will be providing.

Electronic Document Management: Benefits of Having One for Your Office

With an electronic document management, saving, filing, organizing and retrieval is easy to do. In most instances, the documents you save electronically can be easily accessed by using the search and find function. The amount of time it would require you to go to your office file cabinets and look for the document you need one by one will only be a couple of seconds if your files are stored in an electronic folder.

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