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Cloud Service Data Back-Up

We live in a fast-moving technological world. More likely than not, you depend a lot on your computer, storing all your data. Very few people keeps hard copies of files anymore. It is so much easier and faster to store and access data if you are using a CPU, smartphone, or your tablet.

Geek’s Peek – Why Do Circuit Boards Contain Gold?

Electronic waste recycling is not a new business. Equally old is the process of extracting gold from redundant circuit boards. However, in the latter case, there have been some ambiguities and restrictions. There is a solid scientific basis for using gold in the circuit boards. Also, we need to analyze the benefits of allowing gold extraction from the circuit boards. The purpose of this article is to answer the basic questions related to these topics.

Why Pre Formatting A Hard Drive May Lead To Grief

It’s true an external disk drive may be simply plugged in and used in some computer systems. However, do not count on this to be an every time occurrence. Once a drive has been formatted for FAT32 to NTFS, it may not be possible to recover data from a hard drive without knowing what the original system that was used.

How Can Assets and Loans Ruin Our Personal Lives?

We believe in an economic system that distinguishes people based on the asset they possess. It seems quite logical and we often rely greatly on them for providing us a sense of financial security and elevated societal status. But sometimes, we are strangled by it. Our perpetual desire to flaunt our assets and leveraging them to accumulate more wealth results in squeezing out our lives. We get dazzled by the glitter and temporarily forget that our life is what we earn for.

Overview of Cloud Computing Technology

You may hear vague references to cloud computing. Learn the basics of this technology to stay updated with current trends.

How to Popularize E-Waste Recycling Among Common People

Electronic waste recycling has been around the corner for quite some time now, but has not made it to the cover stories of technology magazines and business chronicles. This is mainly because of the fact that it is still light-years away from realizing its true potential. The following write-up focuses on some simple ways of creating awareness among the masses regarding e-waste recycling. If implemented diligently, these guidelines can help the industry to scale up rapidly.

Some Businesses Still Use Raid 5, Despite Slower Read and Write Speeds

Should a business use Raid 5, since major computer manufacturers have ended their support of this Raid system? While Raid 5 is prone to a higher failure rate, 40 percent if one driver in your small Raid array is down, it may not be as bad news as you think to use Raid 5? It may depend on the quality you want from Raid 5.

In The Real World, SSD Still Die: How to Protect Data From Massive Losses

Some companies still use hard disk drives; need data recovered from drives, some company IT teams are considering sticking with hard drives to store data, and not using solid state drives. However, whether companies have HDD or solid state drives, there is always the possibility recovering data from a SSD will be a necessary.

Why a Raid 5 System Failure Doesn’t Mean All Data Is Lost

Unlike Raid 0, if a driver fails and a customer needs hard drive data recovery in the area, all is not lost. Unlike other types of Raid (such as Raid 0), losing a drive won’t necessarily mean your Raid system will fail.

Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication is here and has been a part of our everyday life for a few years now. Everyday examples include: Your ATM Card + Pin to withdraw money from the ATM machine; if you have a safe deposit box, you’ll need two keys to open it; some web pages ask you to enter a randomly generated alpha-numeric code; some web sites use a graphic image in addition to your password; some banks send you a physical token; others SMS you a pin to unlock your account, etc. If you’ve used any one of the above methods to access…

Opportunities for Small Businessmen to Compromise Data Security

Many smaller businesses may mistakenly think they cannot afford digital data storage and recovery options. However, data recovery does not get any cheaper when Raid data recovery or laptop hard drive recovery must be done by a professional.

Professional Storage and Backup Services Can Protect Your Important Information

When determining your business needs for data storage and backup services, consider the types of products and services you provide and the data you need to protect. Specific types of records may require different solutions.

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