How to backup email with EaseUS Todo Backup?

Software Utilities For Deleted File Recovery

If you have either accidentally permanently deleted an important file or lost a file due to a virus you do not have to panic. There are some great tools that recover deleted files. These tools range from free ware to applications that you have to pay for. The tools vary in ability to recover your precious files, so it is important to ensure that you select the best product to meet your needs.

How to Recover Lost Password For MS Office Programs

If you have lost or forgotten the password to Microsoft word or other office document then don’t panic! Your document isn’t forever inaccessible, with the proper info you can recover lost passwords for MS office programs quite easily continue reading….

Who Provides the Best Online Backup Solutions?

Storing files online is the new trend. Good bye cd’s and floppy disks hello online backup solutions. In this article we’ll cover the basics of getting an online storage account and backing things up online.

Remote Data Backup – Strategic Planning Against Data Loss From Sudden Computer Failure

The only way to safeguard against data loss and damaged or corrupted files is to conduct a remote backup of all the data and files periodically before any hard disk failure or physical damage occurs to your computer system. But have you taken the smooth running of your computer system for granted? Are you protected against computer data loss and hard disk failure?

Remote Data Backup – Protection Against Data Loss For Your Business

If your computer hard disk fails today, will you be left unprepared? Will a computer breakdown affect your work or your business adversely, or cause monetary and financial loss and ruin?

Ways to Avoid an EMR Data Disaster

In the event of a natural disaster, your medical practice must be able to recover important information through disaster recovery efforts. You’ll also need to get back into operation as quickly as possible to maintain business continuity.

Is Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 Hard Drive Malfunction Bugging You?

Previously, in the IT world, most people were focusing on Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 family hard drive and were worry about some drive-level issues, such as hard disk drive status stays BUSY; hard disk drive being detected with 0 in LBA; hard disk drive reports SMART error on startup, etc.

Recover Your Important Data and Files

There is a time, where we lose important information in our computer. There is a time where we get a virus in our computer and we can do nothing besides format it again. There is a time where we or someone else deletes important files unintentionally.

Remote Data Backup – How You Can Get Started and Stay Protected Against Massive Computer Data Loss

Has the fear of your computer breaking down completely to cause a total stop of your work or projects been lurking at the back of your mind? Have you taken any steps to prevent data loss and files being lost in the event of physical damage of your computer hard disk or other components?

Why Not Backup Locally? – The Argument For Online Backup

Most agree that backing up data is a necessary practice by all computer users – or at least it should be. However, opinions tend to differ greatly when it comes to exactly how to backup and what the best methods are.

HDD Bad Sectors

The most common problem among Hard disk drives is a bad sector. There are two types of bad sectors: logical and physical. While logical bad sectors are easily fixed using particular software, physical bad sectors can be irreparable. But it doesn’t mean there is absolutely no hope, there is still a chance to recover the bad sectors depending on how “deep” the bad sectors are.

Document Storage – The History

When did document storage begin in the UK? It was in the beginning of 1980 that companies and business owners started creating systems to manage their paper documents.

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