2 Ways | Extend System C Drive With/Without Unallocated Space

Rapid Evolution in Personal Computer Storage Devices Hurting Creative Geniuses’ Cache of Curiosity

The other day, I was quite pleased to hear about Google Drive, this is their new scheme which allows people to upload information to the cloud, and once it is uploaded it allows the user to share that information with anyone on the planet. In fact, people can share information and digital files whether they be music, pictures, movies, video clips, document files, or anything else. Why do I believe this is so good?

How to Backup Your Computer

Backup files and access with live office anywhere tools. View, edit, share and access all of your files and documents from any web browser, at any time. Collaborate and share files and projects with team members and prospects with user and shared file permissions to stay in control.

Data Loss – Be Prepared for Any Disaster

We all buy insurance, for our homes, our cars, and our businesses. Being prepared for disaster, whether natural or otherwise, is just the smart thing to do. It’s also smart to be prepared for a data disaster to protect your business. To prevent the catastrophic loss of critical business data, your customer’s data or your own, you must have IT systems in place which will help you recover from data loss, and get you up and running again as quickly as humanly possible.

IT Solutions – Don’t Let Bad Weather Harm Your Business

Your business does not have to suffer due to the vagaries of Mother Nature. Well designed and implemented data management strategies and techniques from your IT services provider are just the ticket for keeping your business up and running, even when bad weather keeps your employees stuck at home. Many schools and public services, banks and other businesses, as well as most government offices have “Snow Days,” days when their employees are not required to work due to inclement weather.

IT Backup – How Safe Is Your Business?

How safe is your business in the aftermath of fire or any other catastrophe in terms of your IT systems? Most businesses have an emergency plan of evacuation in the event of a fire, however many do not have a backup plan for essential business data held on PC’s and Servers. The statistics for company survival after data loss are damming. Read on to find out how you can protect your business from data loss.

Why You Should Use Digital Document Archiving Services

Digital document archiving is a more secure, efficient, and sustainable way of maintaining your valuable files and official documents. Learn the benefits of using this modern system and digitize all your documents today.

Hard Drive Failure Recovery: Three Key User Mistakes

Hard drive failure sucks, no matter how you look at it. But it isn’t the end of the world, as long as you avoid these three deadly mistakes.

Safeguard Your Data Against Loss

  Your personal digital collection includes a horde of photos, songs, videos, documents, and programs among other things that you access and/or run every day on your computer. At the same time, you deal with the insecurity of losing your precious, lifetime digital possessions. The feeling comes in your mind every moment or so, not because you have not backed up your data but because of a number of things that you deal with everyday.

Document Archiving For Your Convenience

There comes a time when you need to employ document archiving, scanning, and shredding services. Doing so ensures efficiency of the business, and helps you meet the growing requirements of your files.

SOS Online Backup Vs IBackup

IBackup is a really good choice for an online backup and cloud storage company, but they have some really stiff competition. SOS has really made a strong name for themselves and is taking the online backup world by storm. Their affordable pricing and high quality features have brought them customers from all over the place.

Deciding on a Computer Repair Service

New technology is a difficult thing to keep up with. Sometimes, you miss out on the operations which bring more ROI when dealing with frustrating computer issues. It takes time to trust a company to fix your p, here are some tips to help make your decision.

Data Recovery Services: The Golden Combination of Data Security and Computer Forensics

Data recovery services entail the recovery of data from a computer’s hard drive. The hard drive may have been formatted or damaged. Computer forensics is a special branch of computing that deals with complex data recovery to ensure that valuable data that has been lost is recovered in as much of its original state as possible, and to trace the data security path to determine why the data was lost in the first place in instances where foul play is suspected.

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