How to Fix 0xc000021a Error Code on Windows? [6 Methods]

Cloning your Hard Drive and Saving Every Bit of Data

Detailed instructions on how to make a clone of your hard drive too save every last bit of your drives data, everything form your important data to your screen saver preference!

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men, or, how I Learned to Stop Worrying and use Surge Protection

‘The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry…’ Thus the paraphrase goes of the words of the great Scottish poet Robert Burns. These words ring very true to me this morning. You see, my software company has leased a server

Why You Should Back Your Data Up

The loss of a few files can be a bad experience for most individuals, but it can mean serious trouble when this loss affects entire companies and businesses that may be depending on those files to help them carry on with business as usual.

Is Your Organization at Risk Without a Sufficient Backup and Recovery System?

It is essential to securing and preserving core business operations. The smart business choice is a solid backup and recovery plan.

Offsite Backup – Be Very Careful Who You Deal With!

An article to read if you are thinking about employing the services of an offsite backup organisation.

How on Earth do Companies and Organisations Lose Data?

An article discussing how companies lose their data and how to avoid such losses in the future

Choosing a Data Recovery Company in case of Data Loss!

In case of data loss; what are the guidelines to choose a data recovery specialist company which will salvage your data from hard drive, raid, tape and other removable media/devices.

Safeguard Your Information with Data Recovery

In the recent inventions of technology, everything is made easy for you. By just being equipped with your own computer set, there is no need for you to jot down every data that you need. It is as easy as pressing your keyboard and clicking your mouse. How about when you lose all the data? Will you frown? Shout? Freak out?

Educate Yourself on Data Recovery

You must be aware of the fact that everyday your computer is at risk to almost all the computer disasters available. Whether you are using Mac or a Personal Computer, viruses, hackers, power surges, natural disasters, human errors, hardware failures and many threats can be encountered.

Evaluating Telemetry Data

The word Telemetry, like all English words, is a culmination of the Greek words tele meaning remote and metron meaning measure. Thus, Telemetry is the science and technology of remote measurement, and relaying of data by wire, radio, or other means from inaccessible locations, as from orbiting satellites or space vehicles, to receiving stations where the telemetry data gets recorded and analyzed

A Little Trick to Backing Up Your Files Free of Charge

As with the majority of computer users, you have probably experienced some sort of computer failure. Whether it was a virus, hard drive crash, or a spilled drink, it probably caused some grief and disappointment.

Free Online File Storage and Backup Secrets

Prices for data storage and recovery can be outrageous! If you have ever lost any important data and paid an expert to try to recover it, you know what I mean. The thing is, the online data storage solutions can get pretty pricey. And backing up to CDs all the time is a pain in the neck.

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