Recover data after partition deleted freeware

The Best Way to Back Up Data Files

People usually store important files on their local hard drives, files that they cannot afford to lose. A computer is a great machine, no doubt, but as any technical device, they can break.

Recovery of Data Dependencies

Today, many companies have to deal with problems in maintaining legacy database applications, which were developed on old database technology. These applications are getting harder and harder to maintain.

Recovery of Data Dependencies From Program Source Codes

Tan (Tan & Zhao, 2004) has presented a novel approach for the inference of functional dependencies, key constraints, inclusion dependencies, referential constraints, and sum dependencies designed in a database from the analysis of the source codes of the transactions, which update the database. The approach is based on the program path patterns for implementing the most commonly used methods for enforcing data dependencies. We believe that the approach should be able to recover majority of data dependencies designed in database applications.

Data Storage – Destination Unknown

Consumers are confused as to the direction that data storage is taking, IT professionals are touting solid state drives, but they’re still quite expensive and not widely available. Hybrid drives are an interim solution, but what about the spintronic phenomenon, and needles?

Data Loss – Backing Up For the Inevitable

It is a fear that every individual who has toiled in front of a computer knows very well. After spending days, even weeks on a single project and finally finishing it (or so you thought), it suddenly disappears. Gone are the days of my dog ate my homework excuse, it has now morphed into my computer crashed and my files are all gone excuse. Be it the truth or a mere excuse for laziness, not being able to submit any output is everything but pleasant.

Remember to Back Up Your Files

Nothing seems less important than backing up your files when you are in a hurry to develop your online business. There is the feeling that there will always be time later to back up the work you put so much effort into.

Incremental Backup Vs Full Backup – Which One is More Effective?

When looking for the most effective backup solution, people are often confused by the terms ‘full backup’ and ‘incremental backup’ which often stay unexplained on the developers’ websites. So I feel it my duty to explain this difference as best as I can for you to no longer feel confused or misguided by the “pro’s language”.

MMC Data Recovery

Almost everyone has a digital camera with a Multimedia Card (MMC) inside to store their photographs. Of course, as with all data storage devices, an MMC can suffer from data loss and require data recovery.

Mac Data Recovery

Even Apple’s highly-touted Mac line of computers can suffer from data loss. Even though Mac owners would be afraid to admit that it can happen you should be prepared to learn about Mac data recovery.

Offsite Data Backup is Necessary

Offsite data backup is an increasingly popular way to provide your home or business with a safe and reliable way to keep your data safe. These backup facilities offer more protection against data loss than you can usually provide for yourself.

5 Easy Steps to Recover Data From a Hard Drive

So the worst possible scenario has occurred and you cannot access the valuable information on your hard drive or other media storage device. Whether it is due to an electrical shortage, mechanical malfunction, or accidental deletion, the files are gone and days, months, or even years of work are gone. Sometimes, the cost to replace or duplicate these files may cost thousands of hours in time and labor. In the case of photos and pictures, often the files are irreplaceable whether they are family photos, or a special vacation trip.

CHKDSK – Life-Saver Or Disk-Drive Killer?

CHKDSK is an often misused utility that resides on almost every Windows Operating System. The basic usage of the program is to check your disk for errors (notice the acronym), and also to attempt to locate damaged sectors if you enable the correct configuration. The total process could take anywhere from a few minutes on up to a few days, again, depending upon the configuration that is used at the command prompt. There are a few basic questions that you should ask yourself before attempting to recover data from a damaged drive with this utility.

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