How to transfer files from PC to PC

Data Forensic in Suse Linux 11.0 Using Testdisk Data Recovery

You can download directly to the vendor’s website (link download will appear in the bottom of this article) and choose the Operating System you have used. I am using OS SUSE Linux 11.0. For speed installation, I choose RPM package file Linux i386.

The Day an IRA Bomb Took Out the Data Center of a Major Japanese Bank and the Turmoil That Followed

The IRA bomb killed 2 people, injured 39 and caused massive inconvenience for millions of others. It’s aftermath showed that even big businesses were not prepared for the loss of their computer systems and data. Your data is your business – are you prepared to lose it?

Error If Selected Workbook Cannot Be Opened

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application with advanced functionalities and features. You can include graphs, pivot tables, charts, formulas etc. Excel is used in different fields like accounting, report generation and more.

Photo Loss and Recovery From Kodak Easyshare LS755 Digital Camera

While using your Kodak EasyShare LS755 digital camera and trying to access the stored data, you might encounter issues. These errors arise due to following possible reasons…

How to Leave Computer Data Recovery to the Experts

It seems like we use out computers for everything from planning a trip to sending our family a friendly hello. Also many businesses that rely on the data that there computers hold and if they fail you need to recover that data. There are experts that can help you get any data that was lost on your computer.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Tape Backup For Data Recovery

Data recovery techniques are imperative for anyone including businesses and people who just can’t lose their information for personal reasons. Even as technology and inventive methods for data storage increase in availability and structure, backup technology and data recovery methods are still in need. The most secure, intuitive piece of machinery may still fail. The most advanced hard drive may still fail, and even that very low percentage of failure can ruin your data. Data recovery is the only way to ensure that your information is secure even if your hardware fails.

Causes of Data Loss

A lot of times I have come across new computer users who assume that data saved on their computer is extremely safe. So, they save all the important files on the computer assuming that the data would live there forever and they could use it whenever needed. Unfortunately, the safety of the data is not guaranteed.

Data Loss Due to Inode Corruption

SCO UnixWare operating system is a Unix-based operating system that is primarily known for its reliability, stability and scalability. While the operating system is safe and reliable, it can also be corrupted and unmountable due to super block damage or corruption, inode corruption, boot errors, VTOC (Volume Tables of Contents) damage, OLT (Object Location Table) damage and malicious software like virus. In most cases of operating system corruption, you encounter an error message.

The Benefits of Internet Storage

Internet storage (also commonly known as online backup) can provide myriad benefits when it comes to safely storing backups of important personal data. Whether you need to backup personal photos, music files, or critical financial information, Internet storage is a convenient, economical, and systematic way to securely store backups of important computer files and documents. Not entirely convinced? Learn why Internet storage may just be the right backup solution for you.

Recover Photos From an SD Card in Few Minutes

If you accidentally deleted photos from your SD card other storage device, you do not need to worry. Deleted photos or even formatted cards can still be rescued by data recovery programs.

Restore Deleted Emails – Great Way to Get Your Emails Back

Did you accidentally delete emails that you actually need? Actually the junk folder is made to prevent accidental deletion. Well maybe you did not know that you will end up needing those emails. Whatever the cause is we all end up in the same problem. The good thing is I have found a great way to not only recover your emails, but also any kind of lost files. I have tried them out myself and it works. Now I would like to share it to people that are facing the same problem that I had.

‘Could Not Send the Message’ Outlook Error and Recovery

Outlook starts behaving in an abrupt manner and also fails to receive or send e-mail messages. To restore the PST file, you need to use your recent file backup. However, if backup is non-existent, damaged or not updated, Outlook PST Repair tools can be used as complete file repair solutions.

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