How to Convert Multiple OST Files to PSTs with Stellar Converter for OST Technician

Few Tips to Choose the Best Data Recovery Software Vendor

Data loss is a major problem around the world. Though data recovery software appears as the best solution to the problem, it is necessary to choose a renowned vendor of such software for best results.

Is Cyber Crime Spiraling Out Of Control, Causing The Need For Data Recovery?

Nearly half of the 178 managers who participated in a Pricewater Coopers survey reported they had seen at least 10 incidences of cyber crime and that cyber crime has grown in the past year. Criminals hit the financial sector half the time, the media and communications for 17 percent.

Finding The Right Backup Method Is Best: Four Ways Your Data Is Safe

When you make a recovery disk to backup those files on your computer, how is the best way to save that computer data? Should you simply stick in your USB flash drive or data disk and hope everything is safe. Believe it or not, this may not be the best method to ensure all that sensitive data is secure and safe.

Partitioning a Hard Drive May Improve Computer Speed and Give Hackers Nothing to Steal

Should you partition your hard drive? For home computer users, partitioning a hard drive may be a smart option. By partitioning, critical data that a computer uses is not stored on the same drive.

Why More Businesses May Be Moving to Auto-Tiering and Adopting Solid State Drives

Did you know that auto-tiring can be used to boost the performance of your computer? A company’s IT experts may use solid state drives because they can store information very quickly and companies do not lose their critical data or valuable workloads.

Why Some Businesses May Cause Their Own Security Vulnerabilities

While the EU has required businesses to do more to keep customer’s data safe, some businesses may be causing data breaches without being fully aware. How can businesses mitigate these risks?

UK Businesses Are Teaming Up To Reduce Data Losses And The Need For Data Recovery

Forty-five small businesses have banded together to accomplish one goal: stop cybercrime. It is no secret that hackers have increasingly switched their targets from larger corporations to smaller businesses. Forty-two percent of small business owners have reported hackers have stolen sensitive data.

Data Protection May Help Patient Care Organizations Operate More Efficiently

Do hospital staffs have a responsibility to protect patient data? If so, what is the best way for hospital to protect patient data? How can patients rest assured that their data stored electronically will be safe from others. With more hospitals in the UK and elsewhere moving to electronic data storage, patients may need assurances that their data really is safe.

How Data Loss Without Any Data Recovery Can Cripple Companies

Data is the life of a company, which is usually stored in the Hard Disk of a computer. It ensures orders are shipped to correct addresses. Even better, it ensures companies can communicate and function. Data allows companies to interact in a B2C capacity. So proper Recovery of Data from Hard Drive Recovery is very important.

Why Employees Need To Encrypt Files On Their Company USB Flash Drives

If companies aren’t using file-encrypted USB flash drives, company owners should rethink their security policies. Did you know that a recent poll found Londoners lost roughly 4,500 drives a year, leaving them in taxi cabs, libraries, offices, etc. Without encryption, anyone can view your files on a flash drive, regardless of which city you are in.

Keep Data Safe What You Need To Know While Backing Up Personal And Professional Data Files

Whether you are a first-time business owner or a trained professional, there are a few things you can do to make storing and finding backup files easier. These tips will also insure that you keep data safe from hackers that stand to make thousands if they have access to customers’ secure credit card information.

Protecting Your Computer From Nasty Viruses

Like human beings, computers are susceptible to viruses. When they are attacked by one, they “fall sick” and need a doctor to diagnose and remedy the problem.

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