How to resize hard disk partition, flash drive, memory card, etc.

Advanced Zip Repair Tool For Repairing Zip Files

Corrupt or invalid Zip file errors are possibly one of the worst things that can happen to your precious data. If you too are a computer user who is facing problems with his Zip files, you can use the Advanced Zip Repair tool to easily and effectively repair all your files with a few clicks.

How to Recover and Restore PDF Files

The ever-increasing presence of PDF files on the Internet is proof of its tremendous functionality but this reliance also makes it important that we know how to address the problem of damaged PDF files. Advanced PDF Repair makes it possible to quickly and efficiently recover damaged PDF files.

Advanced Outlook Express Recovery Tool – A Tool For Recovering Lost Emails From Outlook Express

How many times have you accidentally deleted an email in Outlook Express and regretted it for days? While mistakes and carelessness cannot be avoided, you can use the Advanced Outlook Express Recovery tool to recover your lost emails in no time.

Advanced DBF Repair – An Efficient DBF File Repair Utility

Allowing its users to store header information in the data file itself, DBF files are mostly used by computer professionals and business professionals to store data. As these files have a high value, file corruptions and data loss in DBF files is never an option. Advanced DBF Repair is a great utility that comes with a lot of features that allow a person to effectively repair his DBF files quickly.

How Do I Read Deleted Text Messages From Mobile Phones?

Are you trying to figure out how to read deleted text messages? If so you’re in the right place, continue reading below to learn exactly how to read deleted text messages…

Offsite Backup Services – Some Points to Consider When Looking at Offsite Backup Services

This article will look at different things you may want to consider when looking at offsite backup services. It will look at features which revolve around the actually service as well as the company.

The Importance of Data Deduplication

Companies have realized the need of having excellent data deduplication technology to be at the forefront of their backup solutions if they wished to save some bandwidth and server space. Saving on the bandwidth and the server space often means that as a company you have saved on some money. One of the main priorities of any company would be to eliminate any possibility of having duplicate data on their servers.

Online Secure Data Backup – Why is it the Best Way to Backup Data?

This article covers why online secure data backup, is the best way to backup your data. It also points out, what is good to look out for when choosing a service.

Importance of Website Backups

Why are website backup important? This article will talk about why backup your website is an important part to any website owner.

Data Backup Systems – What Kinds Are There? What Are the Pluses and Minuses?

This article covers the very important topic of data backup systems. It outlines the two major methods of data backup systems, and what are the pluses and minuses of both.

Disaster Recovery Software Solutions

“Business continuity” and “disaster recovery” are two major watchwords for anyone that owns a business, from the small home based business to the huge multinational corporations. Since today’s business world has become so reliant on technology to keep things going, business owners are becoming more and more aware of the need to keep that technology running smoothly, securely and soundly. Data loss is something that no one wants to face, particularly if the data lost happens to be important financial records or a just completed major presentation or advertising campaign.

Offsite Backup Software – What You Need to Know – An Easy to Understand Guide

This article covers what are some examples of precious data which should be backed up, how data can disappear, what methods are used to backup data, and what are some good features to look for when choosing and offsite data provider. It covers all of this in an easy to understand guide which explains things in a manner accessible to everyone.

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