How to Repair Corrupt or Damaged MOV, MP4, F4V, M4V, 3GP, & 3G2 Videos?

How to Back Up Your Files – 6 Ways to Back Up Your Important Files

One of the most ignored responsibilities of every computer owner is having a backup of their computer files. Learning how to back up your files is not hard but most people tend to ignore it until they come to a point of losing a very important data and not being able to retrieve it.

Back Up Your Computer Files and Avoid Losing Important Data

In these times that almost everyone is using the computer and the internet, some of the important files we have are stored in your computers. From accounting data, to online receipts and online transaction records, as well as important business documents, we sometimes rely solely on storing it in our computer as we feel we can just access it anytime.

How to Back Up Computer Files – Some Tips and Tricks Not to Lose Important Files Again

One of the challenges of having everything stored in your computer is that, you can also lose them all at an instant once your PC is infected with a virus or your machine crashes. Of course, you have to face the consequences if your important data cannot be retrieved at all after the crash.

How to Fix Black Screen in Windows at Startup?

Is your Windows computer unbootable with a black screen? Are you unable to log into your computer and access data from it? This behavior is caused by missing or corrupt boot files of Microsoft Windows operating system.

Fixing ‘Memory Card Full’ Error in Fujifilm FinePix J 27

Fujifilm’s FinePix J 27 is an entry-level digital camera, designed to suit customers who want affordable and easy-to-use cameras. The stylish camera comes loaded with Scene Recognition Auto and Face Detection technology.

What Would You Do If Your Company Lost a Few Terabytes of Data on Your iSystem?

When you think about the effectiveness of your Disaster Recovery plans for companies using AS/400 and iSeries systems, most people immediately start comparing cost versus risk. The risk is great too, especially when you store 100 gigabytes to 40 terabytes.

Methods to Recover Deleted Data

Have you ever wondered how to recover deleted data? That treasured holiday photo or your favorite movie, well there is a way to dig into your hard drive and recover those lost files.

How to Recover Pictures From Fujifilm FinePix S700 Storage Media

In most cases, the photographer encounters an error message stating that the memory card is corrupted. To overcome such corruption scenarios, the photographer needs a third-party camera recovery software that acts as a boon and helps them to recover all the lost data.

You Can Not Run Microsoft Exchange Server Services After Event ID 7011

Is your Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 system behaving unusually? Are you unable to start various Exchange Database Server services? Is your EDB (Exchange Server Database) inaccessible?

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Photos From Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has firm ties with other applications from Adobe for animation, authoring, and editing. PSD is the native format of Photoshop that stores image with support for all imaging options of Photoshop.

Reliability at the Heart of Hard Drive Recovery Services

There are many reasons why hard drive recovery may be needed but in most cases a professional service is best. With anything more complicated than a software glitch, hard drive recovery requires specialist knowledge.

Hard Disk Failures Require Care For Successful Data Recovery

If a hard disk starts to grind or click, then it could be close to failure and may require data recovery sooner rather than later. With solid state hard drives increasingly taking over, a variety of data recovery techniques must be developed.

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