How to Recover Unsaved or Deleted Illustrator Files? [3 Solutions]

Artificial Intelligence and Use of Appendix Archiving Systems for Memory Storage

Data Storage for artificial intelligence is a crucial issue and indeed quite serious as artificial intelligent systems will be programming themselves. This means that each time they make a new page of data sets perhaps in an XML spreadsheet

UPS Battery – Useful Protection for Your Office

Just think of the hassle that you would half to go through if you had to redo all the work on your computer for that day because of a power failure.

Data Recovery First Aid: 3 Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Success

I always thought of myself as a reliable guy with reliable data. I never deleted my files accidentally, I made regular backups and had a power supply for my computer to protect me against surges and outages. However last year I experienced two cases of data loss where I needed to use recovery software. The first was a dead hard drive that’d hardly served a year. Subsequently, I accidentally deleted a large project file that was too big for the Recycle Bin. Happily I’ve got all my data back, thanks to good advice and a little preparation.

Data Recovery 101

Unless the hard disk is not working normally, the need for professional service is almost rendered unnecessary. If the hard disk is not making any weird noise like scratching, scraping or ticking (which means it is in good condition) data recovery can be done with the use of proper data recovery software, without the help of any technical personnel.

Computer Data Recovery – Step by Step

Ever wonder how computer data is recovered? What happens to a file when it gets deleted from the recycle bin? How data recovery programs work? How does computer data recovery take place?

Why Should You Have A UPS Battery?

You only need to have a power surge once to mess up your entire life’s work on a computer. The precious hours that you spend on compiling information and doing important work can all be lost in one split second.

Data Recovery Can Be The Solution for Media Failure

How to respond to a hard drive crash or other media failure in order to prevent permanent data loss. Tips on how to choose a reputable data recovery company.

Why You Should Not Attempt a “Do It Yourself” Data Recovery

It is important to not take chances with your lost data. Learn about the common mistakes people make when trying “do it yourself” data recovery.

Back it Up!

A lyrical approach to introducing the rather mundane world of data back-ups.

Moving Data to a New Hard Drive in an Emergency

Sometimes your hard drive will break. How you recover can make a big difference, often you do not have to lose all of your data.

XCACLS, SUNINACL, And Other Permissions Security Recovery Tools

An article about how to use XCACLS and SUNINACL to recovery and set Permissions Security on files and directories very quickly

How to Back-Up Your Computer Files

Its amusing how pc users the world over are mortified of losing data by a virus attack but don’t care much about backing up files. Though the intention is the same – to save data, people are concerned more about virus attacks rather than having back up program.

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