How to Recover Deleted Data from iPhone (on Mac)

Backing Your Data Up Online Is Just a Strange Idea

The idea of sending our data online to be backed up is kind of weird. A few years back we didn’t even feel comfortable buying things over the internet much less sending our files to someone else. Now, all that has changed and entire lives and businesses are conducted online. In this article I will show you why using the internet to backup online is a still weird but it is the best option we have.

Hard Drive Duplicator – 5 Good Reasons To Use It

A hard drive duplicator makes it very easy to transfer and backup data. It’s handy tool for business or personal use.

Bugged by the Issue of an Over Sized OST File? Convert OST to PST

Over sized OST file can also leave you in disgust due to the failed synchronization attempts leading in inaccessibility of data. Convert OST to PST and gain access to your data again in PST file format. Using OST to PST conversion software, you can convert OST file to PST file in minimal amount of time.

External Backup Or Online Backup?

Are you having a dilemma on where to backup your computer? Can’t you decide where to keep your files safe and away from threats and disasters? The two choices you could have are the external hard drive or the famous online backups.

Continuous Business Data Backup Protects All the Time

Total data backup means total data integrity of your system. Backing up data means that all your files are safe in the event of a system crash. It means accountability, when business data backup…

Importance of Database Management and IT Management Services

Compromised data integrity may be harmful to any sized business. Besides, database management is an assignment that has become more and more complicated. There are many database tools available in the technology market.

Simple Tips to Data Backup and Recovery

Every time something’s going wrong with our computer, we tend to repair it by ourselves. Fixing it just like a professional by trying to look it up on how-tos websites.

Partition Recovery After STOP 0x000000ED (0xaaaaaaaa, 0xC0000032, 0xcccccccc, 0xdddddddd)

Creating partitions in our system has made working on the system fun and easy. It has not only improved the speed of computer, but has also helped in managing things. Generally, people keep at least two partitions: a boot partition and a data partition.

OST Recovery After Importing OST File in New Outlook Account

When you connect with Microsoft Exchange Server, the OST file is automatically converted into PST (Personal Storage Table) file after synchronization. However, if the synchronization is unsuccessful, the conversion can not take place and you need to manually convert OST to PST using third-party tools.

Critical Points You Need to Know About Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive failure is a leading cause of lost data. In this article I describe how you can tell if yours is about to buy the farm.

Help to Protect Your Computer With Data Recovery Software

Losing an important file can be extremely worrying, however, there are ways to retrieve data that has been deleted by mistake or due to a system failure. Data recovery software provides the solution.

Backing Up Your Computer Backup Services

My internal backup software is still very much in operation. But I forked over $50 to Carbonite last week for online backups. I’m still using internal backup software and saving stuff to hard drives, DVDs and even, in some cases, tapes. None of this seems to be going away. It’s just that, for 50 bucks a year, online backups add an extra layer of protection.

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