Stellar Director Manoj Dhingra in Talk with Saqib Malik (CNBC Awaaz) about Hard Drive Recovery

What Are the Primary Goals of Information Security?

Each organization should have broad information security goals. Does your organization use them effectively?

Digital Photo Recovery From Caplio GX100 VF KIT Camera

Caplio GX100 VF KIT is a compact digital camera with 10.01 mega pixel CCD combined with an advanced image-processing engine to capture low noise high quality pictures, 24 to 72 mm equivalent wide zoom and a removable electronic viewfinder. The storage media of the camera are its own inbuilt memory, MMC, and SD card. These storage media tend to be corrupted due to both internal and external errors resulting in loss of data. At such times, there arises the unavoidability of using an efficient Photo Recovery Software.

Rectifying “File Error – Data May Have Been Lost” Error in Excel

Recovery of your damaged MS Excel file if your face problem like “File error: data may have been lost”. Microsoft Excel is a popular and useful spreadsheet application, which comes bundled with Microsoft Office. It offers advanced features such as graphing tools, macro programming, pivot tables, charts, formulas and mathematical calculations.

Data Backup – Prepare For Disaster

Taking regular data backup is considered as a good practice. Data Backup is the best means to recover lost data in very less efforts and less time and does not involve high cost and safely restore your lost files and folders in economical way.

iTunes And Music Folder Corruption

iTunes is an application used for an iPod that allows you to manage the media files such as songs, videos, and more. iTunes provides a music folder known as iTunes music folder that enables you to organize music into playlists within one or more libraries.

Recovering Photos From Sandisk Ultra II

One of the most common storage media used in Caplio GX100 camera is Sandisk Ultra II. Like any other digital data storage media, Sandisk Ultra II is also vulnerable to problems like virus infection, file system crash, read/write error, etc. As a result, the data stored in the device get lost, or become inaccessible.

Professional RAID Data Recovery Services Are Best When Data Systems Fail

With the increasing use of RAID systems, it is more likely that users will suffer data failure at some point – making reliable and skilled RAID data recovery services vital. RAID data recovery requires the highest levels of professionalism and accuracy.

Data Recovery After Format – Simple Step by Step Procedure

First step for data recovery after format is to check whether your PC is working fine or not. Sometimes system crashes or quick formats destabilize the system and data recovery becomes impossible. To test the stability of your system, you can simply copy files on the hard drive and try to open them. Then make some changes and check whether your changes are being saved properly or not.

Emergency Data Recovery Plan That Works Every Time

It is always in your best interest to keep an emergency data recovery plan in place. It basically involves laying out detailed instructions manual for the process of retrieving inaccessible or deleted data from a hard drive. So that if situation arise you need not panic and simply proceed with the recovery procedure.

Pen Drive – An Electronic Escort

Pen drive is of great use in office work and domestic purpose as well as it stores various documents. The portable convenience of pen drive has made it highly prominent.

USB Data Recovery Tips

USB data storage devices have become extremely popular with computer users due to the fact that they are easy to transport, have a huge storage capacity and offer fast data transfer. Although these devices are usually sturdy and long lasting there are times when they break or the data stored on them becomes lost or corrupted. Here are some USB data recovery tips to help you.

USB Data Recovery Software – What to Look For

If you have corrupted data, have accidentally deleted files from your USB storage device, or if the device itself has become damaged, you may be able to use usb data recovery software to restore your missing information. USB storage devices have become very popular these days because they are a very convenient way to store and transfer data. However, there could be times when you accidentally delete files, your storage device could become damaged, or you could end up with data corruption due to operating system failures, viruses, software malfunctions or other problems that cause damage to your data stored on your USB storage device.

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