Use EaseUS Partition Master to Format to EXT2/EXT3/EXT4/FAT32

Choosing the Right Data Backup Solution

There are a variety of different Backup solutions out there, some free some incredibly costly, some catering to local backups, some designed for offsite. There are many things to consider when evaluating a back-up solution. Most companies look to strike a balance between protecting their valuable Data from total loss, and planning how best to rapidly redeploy saved data in the event of a loss.

How To Choose The Right Data Retrieval Company

There are a number of data retrieval companies in every major city. Here is a list of criteria you can use to choose the right data retrieval company to safely recover your valuable data.

Hard Drive Data Recovery – Things You Need To Know

When a hard drive crashes, the data is most often still intact within the drive. Data recovery experts can retrieve the data for you as long as you get in touch with them at the very earliest. In order to safeguard your data, you need to know the following facts.

Data Solutions: Recovery and Back-Up

There are a number of hazards put data at risk. Possible hardware failure, software corruption, hard drive read instability, human error and natural disasters are among the biggest causes of data loss. Statistics vary, but one thing is certain: every system will eventually fail.

Tips On How To Restore Files On Your Flash Drive

This article provides relevant information about efficient file management and recovery software. It also contains some tips on how to retrieve your deleted files back.

How to Convert OST to PST

Microsoft Exchange files having.ost extension need to be converted into the Microsoft Outlook files having.pst extension due to many reasons. There are certain third party tools available which help in the conversion of files from ost to pst.

Lost Digital Images?

People take an amazing number of photographs during the holiday season. Photos are taken of the children wearing their Halloween costumes, friends and family gathered around the Thanksgiving table, wrapping paper flying everywhere while presents are opened on Christmas Day and the joyous celebration on New Year’s Day.

Why You Should Never Remove The Cover Of A Computer Hard Drive

If you are suffering from data loss on a hard drive or are hearing the dreaded click of death then there is often a tendency for people to want to remove the cover from their hard drive and investigate what is happening inside. This article explains why this isn’t such a good idea!

5 Things To Avoid When Attempting Data Recovery

Either attempting data recovery yourself at home or sending your drive off to a company to have your data recovered can come with its potential problems. This article covers the five most common problems that you can encounter and how to avoid them.

BIOS ERROR – Can’t Find Hard Drive!

There are three main rules when using a computer. 1. Backup 2. Backup and 3. Backup. I heard this many years ago and it still holds true today.

Big Data Management to Make Data Management Less Complicated

Ever wondered how the smartest businesses are embedding analytics to convert major information into vision before action? Today, in almost every industry world-wide, business owners wonder whether or not they are getting complete worth from the enormous amount of information already present within their organization.

How to Backup PST Files in Microsoft Outlook

The article describes the procedure of creating a backup of .pst files in Microsoft Outlook. The methods compiled here are reliable and correct for Microsoft outlook problems concerned to .pst files until date. However, it is suggested that these should be followed carefully to avoid bumping into outlook problems. You may also at the same time use a Microsoft outlook support service to get an expert to perform .pst files backup.

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