Unformat hard drive software – Data Recovery Wizard 5.5.1

The WayBack Machine Helps To Support Legal Cases

Have you ever been in a situation where you either lost your website files from a backup you did a few years ago or had to prove that something was on your website for a certain period of time but didn’t know how to prove it? The WayBack Machine is a resources you should know about.

When Your Laptop Drive Is Damaged Avoid These 7 Mistakes At All Costs!

Below listing of the 7 fatal errors not to do when your hard disk is damaged. 1- In case of fire damage do not attempt to clean, or to place in refrigerator or freezer a fire damaged media. 2- In case of physical damage do not try to remove hard drive, do not shake, disassemble any hard disc or laptop that has been damaged , because improper handling can make recovery more difficult or impossible.

Avoiding Disaster When Your Hard Drive Fails

Recovering from a hard disk crash doesn’t have to be a costly, time-consuming process. With an image backup on hand, restoring your drive can be quick, easy and relatively painless.

CD Data Recovery – Are You Using This Old Method

This article relates to how to use CD to recover data. This technique has long been forgotten. Read on.

Do You Really Need Hard Drive Recovery Software?

Remember that here are all the ridiculous things that circulate around the net of using odd methods to fix your computer. Information suggesting that you don’t need hard drive recovery software because there are a few alternative methods available that cost nothing.

Various Backup Types For Your Laptop

Backup became a necessity nowadays, especially for laptops users. What are the various types of backup? Here a list of various backup types.

An Introduction to Data Backup and Its Importance

You may be the network administrator for a large technology firm or simply a home office end-user, but chances are you store sensitive data on a computer hard drive somewhere. In this day and age where many people are going paperless with their records and other sensitive data, an important component of data management is data backup.

How Important Is Computer Backup Software? Do You Have Any?

I have lost count how many times I have had clients ring me up and beg for me to come down to their offices and to help restore lost data. If only they had the right backup software!

Still Using Them Old Backup Tapes To Backup Your Data?

Backup has become the most important part of any company’s agenda, imagine you had important accounts, user details, credit card details, bank details all stored on your system… Would you really want a simple tape to backup such important data?

Do You Really Need A Data Backup Software?

This magnetic coating is the material that keep your precious data, then if this magnetic coating is damaged you will suffer from a loss of data. Each part of missing coating contains data will correspond to data loss, thus more it misses of coating more the recovery will be difficult.

Crashed Hard Drives – Data Recovery Is Big Business

Is your data worth $1500? I hope so because that is about what it costs to get it back after a hard drive fails. The purpose of this article is to cover a few backup options along with the cost associated with it. You will be surprised at the worst case scenario.

Data Recovery FAQ

Not so long ago, about 5 years say, there were a bunch of data recovery firms which you could choose from, today this is very different; try typing “data recovery services” into Google, you will be astounded by the results, overwhelmed as to choice; how come you may ask? In the last year alone, many so called DR firms have sprung up from nowhere with 20 years of DR business history! Clearly this is not possible and suspect and should be examined in great detail, as DR is a complicated business and cannot be learned “overnight”.

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