How to recover partitions with EaseUS Todo Backup?

Is Backup 100% Safe in Keeping You From Data Recovery?

So you religiously back-up your data all the time? Does this make you 100 per cent safe from ever having to desperately seek data recovery services? The answer will surprise you.

Symptoms of Hard Drive Failure Leading to Data Loss

There are some tell-tale signs that your hard drive may be failing and yu could therefore end up losing your data. Boot Failure: Sometimes, it is possible for one to switch on the computer and it refuses to boot. This may occur as a result of the hard disk containing bad sectors in some disks and/or even corrupted boot record data.

How to Restore Deleted Files

The easiest how to restore deleted files solution is of course to go to the recycle bin; left click on the file to be recovered and right click on the word, restore. What if you deleted the recycle bin? Well that is a little more complicated.

Avoid at All Costs Doing Your Own Data Recovery

Maybe you are one of those people who think that doing your data recovery will save you money? Well think again. Here’s why.

What Causes Data Recovery Trouble?

What actually causes a hard drive to crash resulting in the devastating data loss? Can it be avoided? What makes folks end up desperately seeking data recovery services?

Q&A For Computer File Recovery

Computers are like any other mechanical device. Occasionally they stop working. Trouble is, that can sometimes mean they take your data with them. Check these tips for computer file recovery.

Offsite Backup Solutions – Advantages of Getting Secure Offsite Backup Services

Using offsite backup solutions ensures that if you lose your documents and files, in case of emergency, you can recover all of them back, with the help of the offsite data backup service. It doesn’t matter that you got the best employees when it comes to computer protection and security, computers can still break. Only if you take into consideration all the viruses that can be picked up on the Internet, and the rate at which they show up, can you understand how much good an offsite backup solution can do.

How is Word Document Password Recovery Possible?

Did you receive a word document from your boss that is password protected? Or do you want to re-gain access to an old assignment that you wrote a long time ago which is password protected? These are only a couple of situations that many people face who don’t have or remember the password to a Microsoft word document.

Online Backup & Storage Accounts – The Easiest Way to Upload and Share MP3s, DVDs, and Other Media

The online data storage sector has really taken off in the past 6 months to one year. In the past, the only easy and convenient way to secure your data was to keep an extra copy of your data on a portable hard drive, or other local medium. This created problems for users losing their portable drive and having their data compromised (if they ever had their purse or keyring stolen) or destroyed (if they ever had a fire or earthquake).

Things You Should Do Before Attempting Data Recovery

One of the worst things that can happen to you is to lose gigabytes of data that are stored on your computers hard drive. Hard drives are mechanical devices and can degenerate over time. Although data recovery experts are at hand, it is best to know the basics of diagnosing hard drive problems and recovering data.

Offsite Backup Service – Advantages of Remote Data Backup Solutions

If you want to backup your data, one of the best ways to do it is by using a remote offsite backup service. Below are some of the features and benefits of it.

Will Your Virtual Infrastructure Pass Its Health Check?

Many organisations have grown their Virtual Infrastructure organically i.e. expanding a successful pilot project into production. Others have undertaken the prerequisite Capacity Planning exercise, but now find that the Workloads currently running in the Virtual Infrastructure exceeds the resources it was designed to support…

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