EaseUS video recovery software – recover lost, deleted, formatted vidoes without a hitch

Protect Your Data With Exchange Backup and Supporting Products

Over the past few years, Microsoft Exchange has become a necessary business application and program for a number of organizations. Many business executives and end-users use this program to keep track of their business events and personal contacts.

How to Recover Lost Files After Your Hard Drive Format in Linux

While working with our favorite Linux system, everyday we write, edit, save and delete several data on the system hard drive. Many users take hard drive of the computer as a permanent storage means or a place to store data before the day-end backup process.

Steps for Choosing a Business Disaster Recovery Plan

When done well, disaster recovery can, indeed, make the difference between going out of business and carrying on. Aside from the “bottom line”, it can also have consequences for the quality of life, and life itself, depending on the nature of your business.

PC Backup Plan

Do you know your or the IT manager’s responsibilities for data archiving and restoration? There are three key components to a PC backup plan.

Top Quality Raid 5 Data Recovery

When you have to deal with Raid 5 data recovery, you need to employ services of the top Raid 5 Recovery specialists. Raid 5 data retrieval is a complicated and intricate process that can be dealt with by professionals with years of experience in the field.

Entourage Repair When Complex HTML Formatting Causes Application Crash

HTML E-mails are more readable than general text-based emails. HTML formatting helps you insert links, images, brochures, and even templates in E-mail body. Microsoft Entourage supports HTML formatting both in emails and signature of your mail.

How to Recover Windows 2000 Files When the SYSTEM Hive Is Corrupt or Damaged

A hard drive in a computer system is the most basic device for data storage. With the advancements in technology and with the amount of time and work we dedicate on our systems, the storage capacity of the hard drive has increased immensely.

The Necessity To Split PST

Microsoft Office Outlook is generally used in rapid communication environment. With each exchange of e-mails and other vital business information, your mailbox gets piled up. This is the reason why you see a dramatic change in Outlook PST (Personal Storage Folder) file size and hence, in Outlook performance. Moreover, large PST files can turn into a serious source of trouble if you use Outlook 2002 or an older version.

How to Prevent a Data Security Crisis

There are six basic steps you need to take in order to significantly reduce your chances of being faced with a data security crisis. None is more important than creating a proactive crisis plan.

Certain Commands Help You Know What Is in an SQL Backup File

There are times when you can figure out what the SQL backup file is from the file name. It might be possible to figure out whether it is a differential backup, full backup, or transaction log backup, but it can be difficult to truly know what is inside the file. Thankfully, a SQL server includes several other commands that help you know what is inside each of the database backup files.

Create a Full Backup When Using an SQL Backup

Whenever you have a database that is regularly used to protect your data, it is necessary to have some sort of backup strategy. There needs to be a plan of action from the very beginning. Consider everything the company does and ask, “How much downtime can we handle without being effected?”

SQL Backup Programs Can Help With Large Databases

One of the most common reasons why companies turn to their SQL backup is because of simple user error. Someone makes a mass change that destroys a vast amount of data and there is nowhere else to go but the backup. Someone could also do something a little more intentionally that could put all of the company’s data at risk.

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