Two Methods to Convert MBR to GPT

How to Zip a Folder and Upload it to the Web

If you’re reading this article you need to know how to zip a folder. Maybe you need to make the file size smaller so that it takes up less space on your hard drive – and less time to download too.

Recover Lost Data Through Notebook Data Recovery Software

Nowadays, computers have evolved as the ultimate electronic device for human being. Gone are the days, when data was stored on pages and files. We have entered the technological era and every computation whether numerical or logical is done on a laptop or notebook. Moreover, these devices act as a storage device. They store several GB of data without disk failure.

Tips For Troubleshooting Driver Errors

If you use a computer you will have likely had problems with your driver at some point and we all know this can cause a lot of frustration. However, by the time you finish this article, hopefully, I will have relieved some of your frustration with driver errors.

Memory Card Parameter Error on SDHC Cards

SDHC or Secure Digital High Capacity card is a flash memory card that comes available with the minimum capacity of 4 GB. SDHC is the extension of SD standard specification that is aimed to increase its storage capacity up to 32 GB.

Why is Data Backup Important For Organizations?

During my complete IT career, I have witnessed numerous instances when my friends & colleagues lost (very) important data due to not taking timely backups. The most funny was the one when my friend didn’t take the backup from his Netaddress email account and it became a paid service. All his important emails were lost in the changeover.

Empower Your Business by Means of a Backup Software Program

You will find that most companies would want a good PC Backup Software to be a part of their arsenal. With the fact that people use computer and regularly, you will also find that people want to use something to preserve their data too. Demand and competition – Both of these are forcing the prices of computers to go down like never before. With so many computers around, users have also realized the value of having quality backup solutions.

Computer Freezing – The Right Way to Fix It

Is your computer freezing up at the most inconvenient times? Have you gotten stuck in the middle of an important document or during the hottest action of a great game? You don’t have to suffer anymore.

Preparing For the Worst Case Scenario – Protect Your Data

Have you experience having had to toil for an important project and when the time of submission comes, you discovered that all your important data was gone, and nowhere to be found? How do you prepare for the worst case scenario such as this? How do you protect your data?

Online Backup Service For Your Data Security

You have heard it millions if not billions of times to backup your system in case there is ever a disaster or a virus gets in your hard drive and erases all of your critical data. Over the last couple of years online backup services or “cloud” SaaS (Software as a Service) technologies have emerged to provide an alternative to data back up options.

Undelete Files on a Mac – Ask the Computer Expert

Question: I accidentally threw some files in the waste basket on my Mac, and believe it or not but I managed to empty it as well. Does someone have experience in this area when it comes to music? Is it possible to get the complete files back and not just fragments? Is there a program that is better than any other? I’m in the information gathering phase right now and don’t want to make another foolish mistake by starting prematurely.

Lost a JPG File?

You don’t have to be agonized. There are a number of software available in the internet which claims to retrieve the lost pictures from your photo card.

Tips to Prevent Data Loss

How do you protect yourself from losing important data? Do you save your work as often as possible? Do you do backups?

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