Transfer installed programs to the new hard drive

How to Retrieve Deleted Files – What to Avoid and What to Do

I believe that virtually everyone has had some important file or other stored on their computer. One that they really do need and they have accidentally deleted, and not been able to recover it, as well as had no back-up. Making sure that they had to do the work all over again!

Hard Drive and Data Recovery History – How it All Begun

The data that is saved for the life of the hard drive is saved on their delicate platters. Data history can span years as long as the hard drive itself maintains integrity. For the most part, hard drives will last for years, but like any mechanical component on your computer, it is a place for failure and data loss. Even if every other component on your machine fails, as long as the hard drive disk platters stay intact, then your hard drive history can be recovered. However, this process is long and expensive especially if you aren’t knowledgeable in how to restore a hard drive’s data or install it into another machine for data recovery.

The Most Common Reasons For Data Loss

While some of us have been lucky not to have gone through a severe data loss issue, once you have experienced complete data loss whether from hardware or software failure, you will never make the mistake again if you do not have a type of data recovery method in place. Data loss is inevitable. Statistically, if you use some type of hardware to save data and you do not have a data recovery methodology in place, then you will likely suffer from data loss. Below is a list of the most common reasons why businesses and people lose valuable information stored on their computers.

The Best Ways to Backup Your Data

Whether it is for home use or business use, there is no excuse not to backup your data. Hard drives are destined to fail sooner or later. Data recovery is as important to the large business as it is for the person who just wants to save their important data. Whether it is video, audio, documents, or any other form of data that is important, the use of data recovery methods ensures that even with a severe hard drive failure, it can be recovered after a hardware or software crash that renders a computer inoperable. Below are some of the best ways to backup data ensuring its recovery.

The Most Common Symptoms of Hard Drive Failure

Hard disk drive (HDD) failure and crash symptoms are not very known from the common, every day computer user. The hard drive is the most common reason for data lost and hardware failure causing a huge array of symptoms and causes for final computer shut down. The problem with hard drive failures is that it is very difficult for the average user to know when the hard drive is actually starting to fail. Hard drives can start to fail months prior before it actually fails, but there are little signs and symptoms that let the user know that a HDD failure is eventually coming whether it is a couple of days or even a few months. The following are some of the most common forms of hard disk failures. It should be said that these symptoms could be other reasons, but they are common forms and symptoms of inevitable hard drive failure, and you should consider yourself lucky by finding another hard drive as well as a reliable backup and data recovery method to save any possible data loss.

Using Tcpdump in Linux to Analyze Network Traffic

Have you ever needed to see traffic in front of your eyes? There exists a tool in linux to do this. You can see it all, even passwords. I will just give you the commands to see different types of traffic, use it for what you want. You will not see network traffic going between other devices on the network, only to your workstation – assuming you are on a switched network, on a hubbed network things are different.

Recover Deleted Files in XP – Get Accidentally Deleted Items Back

If you have accidentally deleted some files in XP then don’t panic, there not gone forever! Learn How to recover deleted files below…

How to Recover Deleted Files on Computer

OK so you deleted a file that you really needed, and somehow you even managed to empty the recycling bin, now you’re left wondering to yourself is there any way to get them back? Well luckily for you there is, and it doesn’t involve calling any professionals or paying hundreds of dollars, all you got to do is grab the right tools. So if you would like to know how to recover deleted files on computer then keep reading below as I will show you exactly how…

Free Data Recovery Tools – What You Can Expect From Free Data Recovery Tools

Most of us store a great deal of information on both our work and home computers. Losing that data can be very stressful and frustrating. To help you get back as much information as possible in the shortest amount of time consider using free data recovery tools. This is much more affordable than having a professional take care of it for you. In most instances you will get your information faster because you can start the process immediately instead of waiting for a free slot in their schedule.

Why Computer Data Recovery Just Has to Be Left to the Experts

If you have experienced a hard-drive failure with your computer, you’ll know how inconvenient and frustrating it can be. If you are running a business and this happens to you, the consequences can be devastating.

Do You Back Up Your Computer?

I ask that question, because I am amazed how many people do not bother. They tend to think that only companies need to do backups. That is not so. Everybody should do them.

Programs to Undelete Internet History

As with many hiccups that come with using computers an undelete Internet history program is used by many individuals. Of the many programs you can delete it is possible to delete all of your Internet history.

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