Transfer applications from old OS to the new system windows 10

Reverse Email Lookup Review

There are far too many companies around today promising to find all the personal details of people just from a simple email address but fail miserably once they have your money. The content they provide is nowhere near good enough and I found this out to my expense. The following article is about my own personal pursuit to find the details of an x-tenant who had left a property without paying rent and how I managed to find them quickly.

Will All Your Data Survive a Hurricane Disaster?

Your data is the most valuable asset you have. With the hurricane season officially beginning here in Miami Beach, and throughout the southeast, and enough rain falling in the first week of June to flood the streets and the Fountainbleau Hotel, we are reminded that disaster recovery from loss of data can be emotionally taxing. Establishing a regular computer backup regimen will insure that important computer data is safeguarded year-round against threats like hurricanes, lightning strikes, power surges, employee error, viruses, and computer hardware failure, among many others.

Backup Tape Drives Vs Disk Drives

For data storage, many have been arguing for the use of a disk-based backup system as opposed to backup tape drives. To address different needs, good management software must be able to accommodate both.

Fire Suppression Systems in Data Centers – Is Your Data Protected?

If your systems and data are hosted at a technology services provider’s data center, make sure your data is protected from all threats. System monitoring, security management, and anti-virus and threat management are usually considered. However, don’t overlook the threat of fire. The data center should use a fire suppression system that will extinguish the fire but not destroy the equipment that houses your data.

Online Storage Space – Insurance For Your Computer Files

There you are at the most important business meeting of your life. You are dressed to impress and your presentation couldn’t be any better prepared unless Warren Buffet himself was the creator. Then all of the sudden you realize that you forgot your jump drive with all the files you need to make the presentation back at your office and the sweat begins to pour as if you had just run a the Boston Marathon. What can you do?

When Personal Folders Can Not Be Displayed – Outlook Express Recovery

Microsoft Outlook Express is a well-liked and trustworthy e-mail client that comes bundled with Windows operating system.

Defragmenting Your Hard Drive(s) – Why and How To

Regular hard drive maintenance is something you probably don’t think about often. Most people never take the time to properly clean and maintain hard drives, and when the operating system freezes up, they get upset and taking a hammer to it. Generally hard drive defragmentation has been a long time solution for a slow or sluggish computer. If you ask most people how to fix a sluggish computer, most of the time a good defrag is the first recommendation.

DBX File Corruption Due to Incomplete Compaction Process – Outlook Express Recovery

At the times when you start Microsoft Outlook Express, you can not see your defaulting as well as particular folders or not to find some important mails and other information. Such manners makes all your grave data like e-mails, notes, contacts, tasks, journal and personal folders inaccessible and outcome into information loss situations. In such cases, Recovery is essential to get your critical data back.

Data Backup

This is a quick guide on different ways to backup your data. This guide covers all the popular methods for backing up your important stuff.

Rectifying “Lack of Root Filesystem Space” Error Message in Sun Solaris Operating System

Kernel patches in Solaris operating system are primarily installed to increase the performance and remove the bugs. While kernel patches provide lots of benefits, installing these patches might also result into an error message. Once the error message appears, the system becomes unbootable making all the data saved on the hard drive inaccessible. To resolve such issues, a perfect solution is to restore the data from an up-to-date backup. However, if no backup is available or backup fails to restore the desired information, then you need to use efficient Sun Solaris Sparc Recovery Software.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – Uncovering and Calculating the Hidden Costs of Downtime

Clients’ overlooking some of the less obvious direct and indirect costs of downtime is one of the more common mistakes we encounter when called into a Business Continuity and Disaster Recover engagement. In this article I reveal a fool proof method for accurately identifying and calculating IT network downtime costs.

5 Ways Automatic Data Capture Saves You Money

Automatic data capture in the wave of your business’ future, and there is a wealth of reasons to do it. One of the most important reasons is the effect it has on your bottom line – in the form of saving you money. Here are five ways using data capture systems will keep some of that hard-earned money in your pocket.

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