Stellar Photo Recovery: Best Photo Recovery Software 2021 [official]

Easy Steps for Recovering Data Form Pen Drives

Pen Drive is a simple device used for storing important data. With human or software error the data stored inside it can get corrupted or deleted, however with Data Recovery Software you can retrieve the lost data easily.

Tips for Hard Drive Crash Data Recovery

Computer crash is quite common, you cannot avoid having this kind of problem with your computer so it is recommended for any user saving tons of data on computer to create a backup. In case that you don’t have any backup solution, you don’t have to lose hope because there are tools to help you recover your important files within your crashed computer. The hard drive of your computer serves as the storage unit, which is the electromechanical part, and may fail at some point in time.

How To Solve ‘This Is A Corrupted Or Damaged QuickBooks Database’ Error?

Intuit QuickBooks is often used in multi-user and networked environment and so, results in frequent errors. To add, the lack of resilience in its conventional database format,.QBW file, makes it difficult to determine the file corruption. Quite often, the files are corrupted much before they are detected by QuickBooks. Following the occurrence of error message, such situations generally require an easy-to-apply QuickBooks File Recovery solution.

Word Document Recovery – How to Recover Lost Word Document

If you are doing your project and typing document for your school work or office work peacefully, and suddenly you experience computer freeze. The only option is to reboot your computer, and then you will surely lose the file that you have worked hard for several hours. This is the most frustrating event that may happen in daily life, no matter a student or an office employee.

How to Recover Deleted Items

If you are wondering whether your files can still be recovered, then the answer is yes. All you need to do is to find software that can help you restore all your files. How to recover deleted items from recycle bin or hard drive is not that hard with the help of right recovery software.

Data Loss Due to ‘Ivconvert’ And Linux Data Recovery Solution

Though the Linux operating system is considered as very much advanced and is most frequently updated, still data loss situations do happen in Linux systems resulting in the loss or inaccessibility of important data. In such situations, if you do have another copy of your data, then only you can feel relieved. Among many other techniques to safe guard your data, hard disk mirroring is one such technique, through which you can be able to create an exact copy of your hard disk.

File and Partition Recovery Differences

This article talks about the two major types of data recovery in terms of the volume of data that is to be recovered. The article also helps the author differentiate between file and partition recovery and the different types of partition recovery.

Windows Deleted Partition Recovery

The physical hard disk drive can be segmented into various logical divisions known as partitions. Mainly, people do partitioning to install different operating systems on each logical drives. The Windows operating system allows the user to make the logical division to either NTFS or FAT partitions.

Backup And Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery are critical elements of data management. Back up and disaster recovery of file systems means copying file systems to removable media, such as tape, to safeguard against loss..

How to Recover Deleted Photos From Mobile or Digital Camera Memory Card

Many teenagers today like taking photos from aces and events that they attended; this is the reason why the use of memory card is very in demand. A memory card is a small card that is versatile and you can carry easily. It can also work in different kinds of cameras or mobile phones.

Best Recovery Solution to Recover Deleted Files

Data stored in the computer hard disk is invaluable but you often encounter the problem of losing data. So, in order to get ready to face any data loss consequence you should be ready with a data backup and this should be done on regular basis.

Four Considerations When Selecting A Data Recovery Service

The data recovery service industry is growing daily, making selecting a service harder than ever. Find out how to make the best choice here.

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