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Hard Drive Recovery Service – Is it Essential?

Hard drive recovery service is not essential, if everything is working well on your computer server. However, if there is a failure in the drive or if you cannot retrieve the data, you certainly will need it. Every file we store on the discs is crucial in our work, that even if we lose a single data, we may feel lost. Especially for the business organization, lose of critical data on the servers may be become a real disaster.

Photo Recovery Tips and Recommendations

Yes, you should have backed up your photo memory card or hard drive but you didn’t and now you need to recover your deleted photos. In this article I provide you with some recommendations after talking with photo recovery software engineers and researching various articles.

Recovering Deleted Files is Easier Than You Think

For one reason or another most of us have had the need to recover deleted data and files. This is an easier process these days. Recovering deleted files is much easier than it use to be with the right software.

Database Backup and Recovery Needs

Though many database systems nowadays incorporate tools for database backup and recovery in their infrastructure and interfaces, it is wise to comprehend what the entire backup and recovery process entails. With growing volumes of both personal and organizational information, there is definitely a need for safe backup and recovery.

Recover Deleted Wedding Photos

Deleted and missing photos can be a tragic event for many families. With inexpensive and ubiquitous digital cameras, digital pictures are now more popular than film.

How to Solve Error 1120 and 5000 Starting Information Store Service

The core repository of data for the Exchange Server is its Information Store service, which is consisted of both public folder and mailbox store data. The store service basically implements the Exchange Server store. If Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service (MSExchangeIS) does not start, one of the top reasons is that its database(s) are corrupted.

Backup and Archival of Your Memories and Data – Are You Doing it Properly?

Kodak Archival Sleeves protect optical media against light and heat Kodak and Verbatim both offer archival media but a lot of customers have become frustrated with the quality of build of jewel cases like the ones that Kodak and Verbatim use to ship their recordable CDs and DVDs, unfortunately in this day and age manufacturers have tried everything to keep costs down and that includes the reduction in the quality of the cases. This week, I received our first shipment of the new Kodak Archival Disc Sleeves. These thin plastic pouches have been silverised with a metal coating and protect…

My Experience to Choose the Right Data Recovery Training

I think it’s now time we should pay attention to choose the right training! Once you enter ‘ training’ as keywords in Google, you will find many data recovery training providers. They have different training courses according to their own data recovery experience and the data recovery tools they have.

Internet Explorer Freezes

Internet Explorer (commonly known as IE) freezes are a common occurrence nowadays as web sites utilize javascript and flash technologies more heavily. In addition, some web sites contain malicious code that when visited using IE, may cause it to freeze.

How to Fix Windows Xp Blue Screen Issues

The ultimate error message in Windows XP is the blue screen. The blue screen contains many lines of text that means nothing to most users, except that they know that once they see it, there is nothing they can do except to restart the computer, and hope that it doesn’t happen again.

Data Recovery Starts Before You Need it

The simplest Data Recovery process involves the retrieval of files that have been “deleted” from a storage media. The files are usually not erased only removed from the directory listings.

Windows 7 Restore and Recovery

Apart from the dramatic improvement in performance, Windows 7’s restore and recovery capabilities are pretty solid too. It’s possible and easy to perform a restoration from the current, perhaps broken state, to a previously working state using these capabilities.

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