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A Beginner’s Guide to Hard Drive Recovery

When a hard drive fails, or it is damaged in some way, it can potentially spell disaster for the individual or business that uses it. In this article we’ll look at the basics of hard drive recovery, aimed at those who do not have a great deal of experience in the realm of data recovery.

Ten Things You Should Know About Document Backup

What’s the difference between backup and archive? The major difference is that an archive consists of primary data while a backup is secondary data. The objective of archiving is preserving original documents while backing up is a precautionary activity aimed at creating a fallback resource for reconstructing original data in case it’s lost.

The Basics of Disaster Recovery

Data has fast become one of the most important commodities that a company has, and ensuring that it is safe is a big priority for many companies. In basic terms it is the preparation required for an event where a firm’s data is wiped but can be recovered by using various technologies. As part of the wider field of business continuity planning, disaster recovery might include the recovery of things such as applications, data, hardware and communications.

How to Undelete Files and Get Back That Important File

How to undelete files and recover your important items. It may be that a program has crashed or even the electricity has gone out before you had a chance to save your file. Don’t listen to what most people say, you can recover your deleted file.

Tips on How to Recover Deleted Files

For some people when a file is lost or deleted accidentally after working for several hours on a project there is a series of incidents that occur spelling the end of life as they know it. First, there will be a stunned silence as they stare at the screen waiting for a flicker of recognition.

My Computer is Running Slow, Why? Five Things You Should Know

Do you find yourself wondering why in the world your computer is running slow? Are you ready to buy a new one but do not have hundreds of dollars to spend?

Hard Drive Damage After an Earthquake

Hard drives are highly sensitive devices. They have a whole lot of components fitted into them. These parts are the main ‘foundations’ on which our systems run. A failure of any part could cause permanent damage to the data stored in our systems or worse could cause permanent loss of the same.

How to Recover Images From Formatted Hard Disk Drive

The hard disk drive (aka hard disk, hard drive or HDD) is the main storage media of a computer. This non-volatile storage device stores digitally encoded data on rapidly rotating platters with magnetic surfaces.

E00 Log is Missing and Database Doesn’t Mount With Event 9518 and 455

Transaction log files is the disaster recovery method used by Exchange Server to bring its databases to a consistent state post crash. The current transaction log data for a database is stored in E##.log file, which is further renamed to E#######.log when reaches to 5MB in size. The ‘##’ is basically the storage group identifier.

How to Backup Your Precious Website Data and Protect Your Online Business?

Do you run away screaming, or get angry with your web hosting company because you didn’t have any website backups? It’s a very common problem, which is so unfortunate, since it’s avoidable with a bit of knowledge and action on your part.

Safe Data Means Easy Data Recovery

When your child days, “Hey Mom, I am going to check my email on your computer,” you may not think twice about the actions your child will take. Read the rest to learn more.

3 Solutions For Backing Up Your Data

What is really stored on your personal or business computer? Family photos from the last 5 years? Financial and budgeting information? Read the rest to learn more.

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