Stellar Data Recovery Customer Feedback on Damaged Hard Drive Recovery Service – Chandigarh Branch

Data Recovery Specialists and Their Training

Data loss is one of the most common and critical problems that takes place in the IT sector. Proportional to the number of data loss complaints, a variety of data recovery companies has come in the picture to provide service to the customers. The cost depends on the nature of data loss problems. If the process is long and time-consuming, the cost also escalates higher.

Tips For Choosing an IT Support Company

Now a days, IT Support has become very necessary for businesses. IT support is provided by many companies which are specialist in the IT support field so that business would run smooth.

Data Recovery Program

In today’s world, you will get information about every software program used in the backup program of computers on the Internet. At a glance, they might seem confusing or misleading, but many companies doing the job of data backup are habituated to the same.

Reasons Why You Need to Have Data Recovery Software

It is not wise to keep waiting after your computer has had a system failure or virus attack. This makes it hard to recover the lost data and achieve recovery of hard disk.

Data Recovery From NTFS

New technology file system (NTFS) is a key system that a computer uses to manage documents and files stored on hard drive. This advanced technology offers more reliability and stronger security for your data as compared to HFS and FAT file systems.

Data Recovery – Online Training

Data loss and data recovery are two vital prospects in the IT industry. At present, you can get every information from the Internet and thus, the topic of data loss and recovery is no exception.

Reasons For Data Recovery

There are numerous reasons for recovering data with the help of software. There are many varieties of software available in the IT market. Professional IT people or computer savvy individuals generally use these. It is very important to be aware of the causes of data loss, so that we can avoid them. Let us discuss these in detail.

Data Recovery From Linux

Linux is a type of operating system that has many capacities, which are not available on all other systems. It has multi tasking and multi user capabilities for maintaining data.

Data Recovery of Deleted Pictures

Photos taken from any digital camera and uploaded in the computer may get deleted due to various reasons. Even the pictures downloaded from the Internet might be deleted from the computer without the knowledge of the user.

The Know How Series – Importance of Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of retrieving useful data or information from damaged or corrupted storage media. Data can be corrupted owing to power failure, software or human errors, virus attacks and natural calamities (flood, fire and earthquakes). To save your data, you can also transmit data backups with the help of storage devices or other drives. However, saving important data in this manner does not always work.

Data Recovery From Tapes

In earlier years, backup drives of tape were used as a medium for mass data storage, interchange and backup. These drives had a magnetic tape that offered higher value of space for the price. In addition, they allowed a relatively quick rate of reading and writing of data continuously. Data recovery from tapes is essential for different reasons.

Data Recovery From SQL (Structured Query Language)

The built-in data protection systems in an SQL database server cannot completely fulfill the requirements of data recovery in such systems. Even in the presence of other data security systems, hard disk breakdowns, power outages and other accidental failures can cause corruption of master data files and backup files of an SQL database.

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