Server backup solutions to backup Windows Server 2000/2003/2008

Dealing With Computer Crashes

Have you ever had to bear the perils of a computer crash? A heavy load to carry, isn’t it?

Easy Ways To Back Up Your Computer Files Before It’s Too Late

In a perfect world you’d never have to worry about losing any of the important files on your computer. But in reality the chances of you losing everything on your computer are pretty high. Most people have pictures, tax files, resumes and a host of other important files on their computer but have never made a backup copy.

How to Backup Your Data in Windows Vista

Many of us store very important data on our computers. From business data to family photos, losing these can often be very devastating. Sending your computer to a data recovery specialist can often cost hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on how severe the loss is. Therefore it would be a wise choice to make sure that you backup your data on a regular basis. Windows Vista has a file backup program built right into the operating system.

Quick and Simple Computer Backup Tips and Strategy

The problem with backup is that sometimes we are too busy with our work and tend to forget to backup our digital data every once in a while, which can lead to some serious consequences. The other issue is that most people never think a hard drive crash will happen to them. This mentality can be devastating. It generally starts with something like, ‘My hard drive failed.’ And end with, ‘How can I get the photos of my kids back?’ To avoid this nightmare again, you must sit down and ask yourself “what are you going to do to prevent something like this in the future?

DBase Repair And Recovery – How To Restore Lost DBF Data

Dbase has been hailed as one of the best advancements in the realm of developmental platforms. A large number of applications are designed using Dbase and its various versions, and as such rely on DBF files, the file-type designed to be used with Dbase and related application development programs such as FoxPro.

Corrupted DBF Files – How To Prevent And Repair Dbase Corruption

(DataBase File) files are some of the most commonly used files across multiple applications. First introduced as part of the archaic Dbase language, which later went through multiple versions before finally becoming xBase, the dbf extension has become somewhat of a standard for most programs that compile and structure data into specific ‘quantas’.

Disk Recovery Tips For Retrieving Your Data

Most people never even think about disk recovery until faced with a situation that requires getting back their lost files. It’s just one of those things that happens to most computer users sooner or later, because most people don’t discipline themselves to constantly backup their data. Maybe that you now in need of a disk recovery solution.

Is Remote Storage Of Credit Card Data A Valid Option?

The PCI DSS requires that anyone who stores, processes, or transmits sensitive credit card information must do everything they can to protect that information. This begs the question: Is remote storage of credit card data a valid option?

About Data Recovery Services

Your PC’s hard drive first started to make strange, whizzing and whirring noises, and then finally, when you tried one last time to start your PC, it happened. The hard drive crashed. Or perhaps you attempted to reformat or partition your hard drive and discovered that you wiped out some very important files.

Data Backup Software Made Easy

When it comes to backing up your valuable personal or business data, the Boy Scout motto is right on target. Be Prepared! This article identifies the standards your data backup software should meet and the backup options you have. A product recommendation is also provided.

Data Back Up & Data Recovery, Do The Two Sit Side By Side?

For the majority of SME companies, their key critical data they held on computer systems, is essential in the running and profitability of their businesses. In today’s climate of data protection, data loss and data hacking, most businesses have some form of data protection on their systems; either an anti-virus software, anti spyware or firewall.

Email Archiving and the Dilemma it Poses for Records Managers

Email is often at the heart of most litigation. Just take a look at Enron, Arthur Andersen, Intel, Zubulake, or Morgan Stanley. Each company couldn’t figure out how to integrate records retention schedules with email messages. And yikes. Some of these companies didn’t even have a records retention schedule. You read the newspapers: Billions were lost and thousands of jobs disappeared overnight.

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