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How Cloud Services Are Changing the Way Businesses Work

Cloud services are a flexible way for businesses to develop, maintain and scale services without the need to invest in physical equipment or infrastructure. Both small and large-scale businesses are able to use cloud computing to change the way they work, opting for a more flexible and cost-effective alternative online.

Backup Outlook Express Email And Address Book Without A Care Of Losing Them

The contact manager feature from Outlook Express can help store all important email data and address book information. This article tells readers how to use the MS Outlook 5 version or the later versions in having a backup of all email and address book information.

Protecting Your Business With Exchange Backup

In a world where data makes the world go round, you cannot be too careful when it comes to securing your data. This is particularly true for a lot of businesses.

The Rise of Cloud Services

It seems that in 2011 you cannot avoid mention of the Cloud. It is the latest fashionable development in IT and all the large manufacturers have been quick to jump onto this bandwagon. Most of the major IT companies now offer a Cloud services solution, but how many of us know and understand what is behind the hype?

RAID-5 Data Recovery Depends on Doing This, Not That

RAID-5 systems have a lot of appeal: speed, reliability and ease of use. Many organizations trust them to hold up the entire network’s data without employing an automatic remote backup system. That puts a lot of faith in the idea that a RAID-5 device will never fail. When they do, don’t panic too much – there is good reason that an experienced lab may be able to successfully recover data from a RAID-5 device, which use a complex and clever method to make redundant data.

What Are Cloud Services and How Can They Help Your Business?

Cloud services provide an alternative means to managing your IT infrastructure in-house. They allow you to manage your data storage and archiving, web and email hosting, databases, software applications, document storage, email, training videos and much more online.

How To Retrieve Lost Word Files

Sometimes you may delete a file accidentally but after that you realized that you need that file. Searching in the recycle bin gives no result; in that case you feel very bad or get angry with yourself.

Data Dedupelication Backup and Backup Compression

Data deduplication backup and compression offer similar purpose in a backup program-to save storage space. But in an information system, decision in choosing a particular storage technique that can save money and still offer quality backup is essential.

Free Backup Software: What Is It Good For?

If you read some message boards, they would have you believe that the greatest thing in the world is free backup software. After all, from their comments, you get to protect your computer and files effectively and do so on the cheap. Unfortunately, many of the people making these comments are those who are very tech savvy and their experience and knowledge is far different from the regular user. Here, we take a look at some of the things they “forgot” to mention.

5 Tips to Ensure Your Secure Data Destruction Is Really Secure

Secure data destruction is an issue of great significance to many people nowadays because of the prevailing shift of information to electronic media. What used to be kept in lockboxes and safes before is now placed in a single hard drive: even money, in fact, can be stored in data due to many bank transactions now being carried out electronically instead of personally. This means when it comes to today’s heists, your average laptop or personal computer is a better bet for would-be-thieves than the wall safe. The latest BitCoin hacking scandal this weekend goes to prove this.

Recovering Deleted Files

Computers are a very important part of many people’s lives and definitely an extremely vital tool in many offices, retail businesses, manufacturing facilities and government agencies. Research facilities could not function without computers to assist in modeling and computations.

How to Store Your Online Files

Storing your files online is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you never lose them. Computers can crash, and if your files are not fully backed up, you run the risk of losing valuable work. When you work with a company that allows you to secure your files online, you have more peace of mind regarding your important media and other types of files.

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