Recover Lost Photos and Videos from CF Card or USB Flash drive

RAID Recovery

RAID, an abbreviation for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk, is included in most of the CPU machines. It is a collection of small, inexpensive hard drives in the form of an array. It increases the system performance and makes data recovery easy.

DVD Data Recovery

Among all the data recovery procedures, DVD data recovery is very important. DVD data loss can occur if the DVD is finalized unsuccessfully or if it is not burned properly. Data loss can also happen if the data is corrupted or there is damage in the DVD itself.

Digital Image Recovery

These days, the usage of digital technology has increased. At the same time, the occurrence of different technical problems is also increasing. The most common problem is that the computer is unable to read the digital memory card and shows errors. Either the memory card is inaccessible or there is a problem within it.

Quick Data Recovery

In today’s world, everyone seeks for an easy and quick solution for everything and the IT people are top in this prospect. There are quick solutions for data recovery from any system with the help of various software programs.

Recovery of Data From Corrupt Files

There are ways to recover data from your all your lost files on the computer or on the Internet. Data recovery is essential if the computer needs formatting due to a virus attack or hard disk crash. We can recover data that is still unharmed by virus. Antivirus software can delete your corrupted files. However, they cannot recover or repair corrupted files containing important data.

PDF File Recovery From Formatted Hard Drives

Data recovery from different file formats involves different procedures. Portable Document Format (PDF) enables users to protect their file modification and thereby, avoids misinterpretation of data. You can create your PDF file from an existing word document by clicking a few buttons. This article is about restoring your corrupted or damaged PDF file.

The Know How Series – Data Recovery Tools

There are certain tools that can recover data from deleted files. The user might have deleted these files from the computer hard disk by mistake. He might also lose them due to formatting. Sometimes the user faces problem in locating the files. In this situation, this software shows the path through its recovery methods.

The Know How Series – Notebook Data Recovery

The methods of notebook data recovery are almost similar to that of computer data recovery and the cost is also similar. The key to notebook data recovery is all about the numerous ways associated with the recovery of hard disk and other problems.

Data Recovery Through Black Box

The Black Box is a device used in the airplanes and airbuses. This device helps to retrieve the data when the plane is crashed. This actually gives the information about the reason for plane’s crash.

MMC – Eases Image Recovery

Photographs, audio or video helps you to capture memorable moments and keep them for years. As they provide a great mode of entertainment, we have advanced technology digital cameras embedded in our cell phones.

Macintosh Data Recovery

Backup is the most accepted way to prevent data loss. Mac operating system is a renowned process in this case. It works on the corrupted file as well as a time machine that possess a great set of features.

Recovering Data From the Hard Drive of a Laptop Onto a Desktop PC

When you are not able to repair an “unbootable” laptop hard drive, you can save the data it contains to a desktop computer with the use of the “slave drive” recovery method. If the hard drive of the laptop has not broken down mechanically, and the disk is “readable” – you will be able to conserve the important data on your drive.

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