Recover deleted data from external hard drive from macOS Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra

Hard Drive Failure and Hard Drive Read Errors Cause File Loss in Windows

A Hard Drive serves as the main data storage media for Windows computers. It is a non-volatile storage device, which is considered more stable and reliable than other storage media like CD, DVD, and storage tape. A Windows hard disk stores all your significant data, applications, and Windows operating system.

The Correct Way to Carry Out Damaged Data Recovery

Harmed information recovery may be possible when you act quickly enough. Essentially, the initial step you should take is not to take action! Really the only method you can seriously impede your likelihood of retrieving data that appears to be lost is actually when you put more info on the hard disk drive.

All About Actuator Failure and Data Recovery

An actuator is a vital component of a hard drive. The actuator’s arm holds the read/write head firmly and accurately positions it on the platter – the place where the actual data is stored.

SafecopyBackup Review – One in a Series of Reviews of Online Backup Services

Safecopy is an online backup service offering some great value without compromising on the features. This is one service that you should look into before signing up with anyone else. With great backup and restore features, security and really friendly client software, Safecopy will definitely offer a tough competition to the bigger backup services.

How to Deal With Corrupt BKF Files

In today’s world, with the increasing use of computers to manage the data for commercial purpose or for personal purpose the cases of data loss are also increasing. Over 60% of internet users all over the world experiences data loss situations every year. And we all know the pain of losing all the valuable data that is collected over years.

Your Backup May Be Worthless When You Need It

How could your backup be made worthless? Backup and restore is not just a piece of software or a utility you buy and start using.

Recover Exchange Server Information Store in a Single Site

In Microsoft Exchange Server there are several factors that can damage the database components and may make it unusable and this behavior renders your EDB file inaccessible and cause severe data loss. Information Store is the most commonly affected components in Server.

Environment – Friendly Data Protection?

Over 80% of data across corporate PCs (emails/docs etc.) is duplicate. Removing just one-third of this duplicate data, could – on an average – save up to USD 1.6 billion on storage energy.

Data Recovery – Great Tips on Effective Data Retrieving

Loss of critical data is quite distressing, and may lead to circumstances that no one would ever like to come upon. But, it is unfortunate that such situations often grab computer users all of a sudden, without any prior notice. Data Recovery refers to an activity of retrieving data from hard-drive and other devices that have become unavailable or corrupt due to hardware malfunction, viruses, buggy software, malicious activities of end users, or power failures.

Offsite Data Storage – A Great Alternative For Your Data Backup Needs

Anyone who owns a computer knows how important it is to have a data backup program. A catastrophe can happen at anytime, whether it is something that happen by accident where you may have mistakenly deleted a file, folder or email, or if it were something that happen that was beyond your control like your hard drive crashing or becoming a victim of a virus, Trojan horse or some other Malware attack.

Fixing the Database Files in This Store Are Corrupted – Error

An error message while opening an Microsoft Exchange Server database primarily occurs when the database gets corrupted or damaged. In most situations, the database corruption occurs due to improper, unexpected, or dirty shutdown.

Picture Recovery From MMC (Multimedia Card) After ‘Memory Card Error’

Multimedia cards or MMCs are flash memory devices which use a specified standard that allows them to integrate with a range of host devices. They are slightly smaller in size as compared to other camera memory cards.

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