Recover Data From a Formatted SD Card, Pen Drive or USB Drive

Recover All Your Lost Data Due to ‘nxidrop’ Command in a LINUX System

Though, recent versions of various LINUX flavors come with attractive and friendly graphical user interfaces, basically LINUX is a command based operating system. In LINUX, there lies a command for everything and these commands enable you to carry out actions on any files and directories stored on your computer. However, improper execution of these commands can result in complete or partial data loss from LINUX based systems.

Image Recovery Tips – Recover Lost Or Deleted Images Easily

Imagine this: You took your kids to a surprise outing to a nearby adventure park. You captured the wonderful time spent with your kids in the form of various images. You came back home considering the memories are preserved for lifetime. But, when you loaded the memory stick in your camera in order to view images (before you could download them safely to a computer), you received an unexpected error.

Should You Rely on Data Recovery Freeware Programs?

Data recovery freeware is software that helps you to recover lost data on your computer. This is a terrific savings but should be used very carefully and you should be aware of issues surrounding freeware.

Keeping Your Cool and Handling Hard Drive Crash Recovery

Like most things in life, we do not really think about hard drive crash recovery until it is a problem. Until one day we sit down with our cup of coffee turn on the computer to find it is gone.

Seeking the Right USB Data Recovery Software

If you have ever been in the situation where all of a sudden all of your data vanishes you know what a heart sinking feeling that can be. USB data recovery is big business these days with so many products available on the market at a fraction of the cost they once were, to help you recover accidental loss of data from your computers.

Apple OS X Recovery For Corrupted HFS File System Volumes in Mac

HFS is a popular and powerful file system, originally developed for hard drives and floppy disks on Mac OS X computer. It is the predecessor of HFS+ (Mac OS Extended or HFS Extended) file system.

Memory Card Corruption in Olympus E-PL1 Camera

The E-PL1 is yet another addition to Olympus’ Micro Four Thirds digital camera line. Incorporating 12 megapixel, True Pic V image processor, 3x zoom, and 2.7 inch LCD display, this camera comes with a new Live Guide mode.

3 Situations You May Meet and Need to Retrieve Lost Files From a Pen Drive

A pen drive brings us unpredictable risk as well as great convenience. We are always accustomed to save our handy files in a pen drive instead of in a computer.

Windows Installer Problems and Quick Solutions

Windows Installer problems are some of many, faced by the average Windows user on a regular basis. If Windows Installer fails or performs badly, attempts to install or remove applications will either simply not work, or will cause strange errors and odd symptoms. Many respond to these issues by calling technical support or visiting a shop, but there are a number of steps that can be taken which may resolve the issue in seconds.

Hard Drive Crash Recovery Options

When a hard drive crash occurs it is imperative to realize that it should still be possible to make a data recovery and possibly even repair the PC. This article looks at the three main ways of recovering data after such a crash.

External Hard Drive Recovery – Recover and Restore External Hard Drive Data Easily

Many external hard drives these days have enough storage capacity that most people wouldn’t think twice about making it their primary storage. After all, it has enough capacity for all you files and documents and is extremely portable so you can throw it in your laptop bag if you need to. But like most gadgets, hard drives are still prone to failure and sooner or later you will need to do some external recovery to salvage the files in that drive.

Recovering Videos From Nikon D90 Camera

Nikon D90 is the first-ever DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera with video recording feature. It can record HD (High-Definition) 720p videos and has monaural sound capability.

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