Recover BootCamp Partition and deleted files on macOS Big Sur, Catalina and other macOS

What is Open Source Data Recovery?

The accidental deletion of files is one of the most common reasons for missing data. With Open Source Data Recovery, you can get help with retrieving your data, even after it has been deleted. A fairly simple recovery process can be completed in order to retrieve the data which was most recently deleted from your system.

Windows Automated System Recovery Disk

It is highly recommended by Microsoft and IT gurus alike, that you regularly create system recovery points. These are points within your computer’s memory that record all system data, making it possible to restore your system to one of these earlier points should you experience a critical loss of data.

How to Recover Overwritten Files

On occasion when working on the computer, we all make the huge and irritating mistake of deleting an important file. Worse yet, we can accidentally copy something over the top of another file. It’s an error eventually made by every user at least once, and often when it happens, the overwritten file is an extremely important one.

When to Use the XP Recovery Disk

Personal computers with the Windows XP operating system come with the XP Automated System Recovery or ASR. It is an additional component within the backup and restore modes available in the operating system and is designed to provide a means of restoring the computer to its original operational state in the event of a catastrophic failure. The XP recovery disk is used to complete this task.

How to Use the Dell Recovery Disk

If you’ve recently experienced a critical system failure that has resulted in significant loss of functionality or data integrity of your Dell computer, you will need to understand how to properly use the Dell recovery disk. Hopefully it isn’t too late at this point to also know that you need to perform regularly scheduled backups on the Dell in order to not lose your important information and personal files.

What is an HP Recovery Disk?

If you have a Hewlett Packard personal computer or laptop you should educate yourself on the data recovery process particular to your computer. Especially if you’ve experienced any type of data loss, you’ll want to understand what the HP recovery disk is and under what circumstances it can help.

If You Don’t Back Your Computer Up, You’re in Big Danger!

We live in a world of incredible technology, chip sizes getting smaller, hard drives gaining larger capacity, processors getting quicker, and the longevity of our computer systems keep improving. There is a day, though, for everyone in which their computer will malfunction. This might be a simple keyboard issue, the monitor goes out, the CD-rom fails, or your hard-drive gets corrupted.

Corruption Due to Resizing of Mounted Ext2 File System

The Ext2 (second extended) file system is an advanced file system for Linux kernel. It is possible to resize the Ext2, while it is mounted. This is possible using the ext2 online utility.

Tips For Recovering Photos From Kodak Easyshare C142

The Kodak Easyshare C142 is made up of for consumers point of views, easy to use ans easy on your budget. It provides many advanced features like Smart Capture feature, brilliant pictures, etc.

Avoid a Data Disaster – Live File System For Quick Backups

Your computer is probably full of, digital images, music, e-mails, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and probably much more. You can always reinstall the operating system whenever your computer crashes, but unfortunately you lose all those files you did not backup. Like those baby pictures you’ve been saving for years and those documents that you never got around to transferring to hard copy. If your computer crashes today, could you easily reinstall your important files on your computer? If the answer is no, you’ll want to start making backup copies of your important files regularly.

Use SFTP Hosting and Transmitting Your Files

Today’s digital age, and the growing acceptance of digital forms of documentation, means a lot of computer files are being exchanged between two or more computers. Various services allow users to share their files with select users or the public at large. However, there are inherent weaknesses in this type of a service.

Data Security

To understand what computer data security is and why it is important, it is essential to know how vital data gets leaked from your computer. Indulge into the usage of external storage to ensure data security. Avoid storing your personal data over the hard drive of your computer, rather use a USB drive or similar device, by using a file encryption tool, etc.

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