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What Is Logical Drive Failure Recovery?

Data loss can be the result of either physical or logical hard drive failure. Physical drive failure can be the result of electrical problems, physical damage, mechanical wear or electronic component failure.

RAID Array Terms and Definitions

Despite the popularity of RAID arrays when it comes to data storage and backup, many people are still a bit confused with some of the terms that are used in the discussion of these configurations. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common RAID related terms and their definitions.

The Importance of a Class 100 Cleanroom for Drive Repair

Data loss looms as an ever-present danger to businesses that use computers in their daily operations. At the very least, inaccessible data will cause a disruption of operations. If important, critical files cannot be recovered, the company could face a termination of operations entirely.

What You Need to Know About Nested RAID Levels

In addition to the standard RAID levels of 0-6, there are also nested or hybrid RAID levels. Nested levels combine two or more standard RAID levels to improve performance or offer better protection against data loss. These levels are multiple arrays of a particular type that are grouped together in the form of a different type of RAID array.

Mac Photo Recovery – How to Recover Deleted Photos From Memory Card

Photos are great memories of our special moments of life. We take photos of some special occasion like birth day, wedding, anniversary and want to preserve them forever so that we can remind those moments whenever we want.

Money-Saving Tips for Your Server Backup

The unfortunate truth is that many IT departments are forced to make some hard decisions when it comes to server backup solutions. Many are faced with budget limitations as well as time constraints, so often there are some measures that need to be followed to ensure the systems get backed up as necessary. If your company is in need of some money-saving tips for your server backup solutions, read further and learn how you can really stretch your IT department’s dollar to get the solutions you need in place: Storage Methods.

How Traditional RAID Compares With BeyondRAID

Traditional RAID data arrays have been the standard in data storage and access and storage capability since the late 1980s. But RAID has been joined by a more recent technology called BeyondRAID. BeyondRAID consolidates up to 10 SATA drives into a single storage pool. It uses data storage techniques that are similar to RAID 1 and RAID 5 and offers some intriguing advantages compared to traditional RAID configurations.

How to Choose the Right RAID Level for Your Array

There is a wide range of different RAID configurations that are commonly used today and each has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the application for which you use them. In this article, we’ll discuss what you should look for in a RAID array, some of the more common RAID setups and the positives and negatives of each choice.

Data Recovery Basics on RAID Arrays

Recovering data from RAID arrays tends to be more difficult than recovering data from a single hard drive – due to the complexity of the array. RAID data arrays can involve several hard drives and any one of those drives can cause your entire system to crash, taking with it your most valuable data.

How to Prevent a Data Loss Disaster

Computer failure can occur at any given time. That is why it is important to back up important documents and files on to various media like an external hard drive, optical discs, and Google Docs.

Windows 7 Network Backup

Learn how to setup a Windows 7 backup through your network. Start backing up your computer before it crashes.

Concise Guide for Choosing Competent Data Center Service

Data centers were introduced during the dotcom boom to cater to the rising demand of data storage. These facilities we designed to offer continual power and cooling to a number of storage systems dedicated to different clients.

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