Physical to Virtual(P2V) Migration with EaseUS Todo Backup

How to Make a Data Backup

I’ve been in the computer business for over a decade now, and I’ve seen hundreds of folks who have lost thousands of irreplaceable photos, Word documents, and other data. The reason: They didn’t have a backups! why not? Backups are not glamorous, they are thought of as difficult, and they’re easily forgotten.

Death of an MP3 Player

Planned Obsolescence??? Ever heard that before? It means big companies make things break ON PURPOSE right after the warranty expires. Then what…

Who Can Restore What?

This is a true story of a local small business owner and their experience with their computer network and valuable computer data. This is from a monthly newsletter called DataDisaster of the Month.

PC Support – Finding Innovative Solutions to Your Daily Problems

There’s no escaping the fact that users always need support. This factor is the single highest contributor to TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) around desktop and laptop scenarios that enterprises have to cater for today. This is slightly counter-intuitive as traditionally the cost of hardware and software was perceived as the main cost of supplying someone with a new computer. However, once you factor in all the PC Support hours that a user requires over the lifetime of his machine, you’ll easily see where the real costs are, let alone emergency PC disaster recovery costs.

How Digital Security Can Help You

This revolution in digital security has turned the tides against hackers and data thieves. The smart card, e-passport, and SIM card is essentially inaccessible to thieves. The days of the magnetic strip are on the decline. A new day is dawning and the need to protect data has become vital. The future of digital security involves making online purchases, banking, shopping, and travel as easy and secure as possible.

Tape Backup is Not the Only Way to Save Data

The process of tape backup has been around for at least twenty years. Yet backing up data onto mechanical tape loaders has a number of problems that is beginning to render the function of traditional data backup obsolete.

Looking For a Disk Backup System?

Remember that no matter what system you use, backed up data must be stored on a data storage medium somewhere. Here are the most common types of storage media.

Hard Drive Data Recovery – The Problem With Water

Flood water does not only destroy the tangible things in our lives, it can also cause the loss of the life blood of our business, our data. What to do when your disk or RAID is under 6 foot of water?

RAID, Can it Fail? If it Does is Data Recovery Possible?

RAID is prevalent as a data storage technology but how does it work and can it go wrong? The short answer is that, like anything else with moving parts, it can fail. What then? Is RAID data recovery an option or is it just too complicated? Find out more about RAID, what can fail, and what can be done.

Why to Use File Deletion Software to Erase Private Data

Identity theft is a huge business these days and you need to take every precaution in making sure that the data on your hard drive can never end up in the hands of someone who can harm your good name. Without a software that can delete files on your hard drive you are vulnerable to these attacks.

Backup Your Operating System by Using Automated System Recovery

I think that Windows XP it’s a good Operating System, but daily usage can alter your registries, some viruses can corrupt critical Windows files which make your Windows almost impossible to use sometimes. In these situations it’s better to have a rescue solution.

Hard Drive Failure – What Goes Wrong & Can You Rely on Data Recovery?

The hard disk drive in your computer is the place where the data is stored, and the data is at its most current. So, if it fails and there is not a current backup then it can be a very serious problem.

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