P2V backup and restore in a disaster recovery strategy with EaseUS Todo Backup

Can Data Be Recovered From an Erased Hard Disk Drive?

No matter how hard you try, data can never be entirely erased from a hard disk drive and the experts can always get it back. Or can they? Actually the erasure of data is far less scary a subject than the scaremongers would have you think, get the process right and all will be well.

Avoiding Data Recovery – Care of Computer Backup Tapes

Saving money on backup tapes by extending their use, and not using the correct packaging when transporting them, can end with data loss or a large bill. This is how to take the risk out of tape storage and packaging, and to avoid data loss caused by damage or environmental problems.

Reasons to Have a Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan

Fire damage, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, or other destructive events can mean the end of thousands of important files. Losing a small amount of information due to a power outage can be an annoyance. Losing the data for an entire organization is a disaster.

Digital Camera Memory of Hi Def Video – Do You Really Need It?

And this would certainly be where video is headed, but that is not where most of us are with our digital cameras and their memory cards. In fact, most of us are still marveling over the 4GB, 8GB secure digital cards (nicknamed sdhc cards) that we have come to be familiar with. And if the sdhc cards are not catching our eye (which do allow us to have the 4GB and 8GB by the way) then it is likely we are using the M2 memory cards or the Micro-SD memory Cards.

What’s in a Memory Card?

Everything. That’s right. Your pictures, your life, your work, your latest project, your speed, and your expansion. All the things that define you in this high tech world that we live in are stored in your memory card! Or for that matter, they’re stored in your external hard drives.

Choosing an Online Data Backup Service

Keeping your important data and files stored some where else besides your hard drive is a must to protect against potential hard ware and software failures. The least expensive and easiest to use solutions are Online backup services, and in this article I’ll explain how you can store your files online safely and for cheap.

Corporate Backup Methods

We believe in a multi-tiered approach to backups. That is, the more the merrier. We like to backup important data to different media and different places. If one backup should fail, you can restore from another.

Use an Online Service to Back Up Your Data

Businesses back up their data, so why don’t you? What would you do if your computer crashed and all of your important files (documents, pictures, videos, and MP3’s, etc…) were lost forever? Keep that thought to yourself for now.

Pen Drive – A Companion For All

A pen drive has many names. They are USB drive, thumb drive, solid state drive, flash drive, key drive, keychain drive, USB key, key drive and memory key.

How to Avoid an IT Disaster – Could Your Business Continue Trading?

I could write a lengthy article about disaster recovery but at BITS our focus is on how to enable our clients to prevent that disaster in the first place. We see this as vital because recent estimates suggest that as many as 90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster are forced to shut down within 2 years of the incident.

About Data Recovery in PCs

Each one of us know that every time a hard disk in our computer gets corrupt, the problem of data recovery kicks in. No matter what data or files you had stored in the hard disk, recovery then becomes a challenge. More often than not, complete recovery is hard to achieve.

Digital Preservation

A recent survey cited in USA Today, shows only 57 percent of people back up their digital records. Many of the back up methods used, such as CD’s, DVD’s thought to last forever, often fail in years, subject to scratches, warping, and becoming obsolete. Your memories, personal records, music, photos, video and documents are at risk of being lost forever?

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