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How to Retrieve Deleted Files From Windows or Mac System

With the help of technology everything today is possible even the recovery of data and files that have been deleted accidentally. This magic made possible by different software especially created for recovering deleted files. Several years’ back, it was very impossible to retrieve deleted files, but today everything that you have lost can be possibly brought back with the help of this amazing software.

Entourage Repair When You Cannot Add or Edit Contacts in Address Book

Are you unable to edit or save a contact in Microsoft Entourage address book? Do you find missing contacts in Entourage address book when you open Entourage account? Well, this behavior usually indicates database corruption.

Guide to Retrieve Lost or Forgotten E-Mail Password

Mails contain personal and business information and data. For security purpose, each and every mail account provides you a facility to set password for your mail account. Password makes your mails safe. No one has a right to access other mail account, if password is set.

Data Recovery for Maxtor Hard Drives

Maxtor hard drives are among the most reliable computer drives in the world, with a failure rate due to physical damage of only about 0.1% over a ten year lifespan. Despite the physical reliability, Maxtor drives can be prone to failure due to the Windows DLL files that are used to operate the hardware. A reputable data recovery firm can help save your data off your failed Maxtor drive, and can replace or repair the drive. Learn about how data loss can affect your Maxtor hard drive.

How to Recover Deleted Files From Ext2-Based Linux System

Are you a Linux user and currently facing file deletion especially after a power outage? If yes, then this is the perfect place you have stumbled upon.

Small Businesses Don’t Have to Be Devastated by Data Loss

I was living in Africa not too long ago and my laptop completely crashed on me. Of course, in Sudan they didn’t have the technology needed to restore it (come on, they didn’t even have plumbing in most areas). So, I lost two years of important documents and photos.

Using Online Backup and Storage Services

Online backup and storage services have changed – radically. Now, they can run your whole office if needs be. They are the best ways to keep you data safe and secure.

Data Loss During Up-Grading to Mac Leopard and Mac Recovery Solution

Time to time, Apple has introduced many advanced operating systems to be used on Mac systems and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is the sixth major release in the row. Leopard has been released in the form of two different variants, the desktop version and the server version.

Photo Recovery for Canon Rebel T2i/EOS 550D

The Canon Rebel T2i has the ability to store photos in JPEG and RAW formats, so you will need a software that can recover RAW as well as from SDXC and SDHC cards (if you were using them). Most professional recovery services will try this first, and will probably run Disk Doctors because they constantly update their software for compatibility with the latest camera technology. There is a PC and Mac version, to suit all users, and even though it is not a free software for the full version, you can use the free version to see how damaged your drive is. I recommend downloading the software and letting it scan your system. If Disk Doctors has the ability to recover your photos, it will show you a thumbnail preview of the images, and then you can decide to purchase the full version. I’m aware that there are some “free” photo recovery software programs out there, but I can not recommend them because of Virus and Malware issues. If you do decide to use another software, please be cautious, as some may contain a virus.

Repair Corrupt Word 2010 Document With the Help of These Steps

It is a word processor in MS Office 2010 which is the most updated and new version of the MS Office products’ suite. Although it comes bundled with the general features that such a tool possesses but at the same time it has some very remarkable features to carry out various functions and make your task easy.

The Importance of a Data Center for Businesses

A data center is crucial to most businesses, as it is where the all important information is kept. Just about all banks use them, and many universities do as well. They contain the vital information about people, accounts, and intellectual and physical history.

The Benefits of Using a Data Center

Business data is the heart and soul of a business, so it only makes sense that businesses need to have a data center. In today’s technologically advanced world a data center is one of the most important parts of a business. If you are not aware of what a data center is, they store companies computers, telecommunication equipment and more. These rooms are often climate controlled and often include fire control devices that keep the machines inside safe and running. Protecting your data is one of the most important things a business can do.

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