Le logiciel Stellar Repair for Exchange – réparer les bases de données Exchange corrompues

Recover Multiple Corrupt BKF Files In One Shot: Advanced BKF Recovery Utility

Are you facing corruption in your multiple BKF files? Are they split into multiple parts? Or are they compressed with any compression type? You must be looking for a solution to fix this problem. For all these problems there is only one solution: Backup Exec BKF Repair Pro software. It helps you fix any level of corruption from BKF files and recovers your data from them. A BKF file can be corrupted or become inaccessible due to several reasons. The software works excellently under all the situations and resolves all the corruption errors from BKF files.

German Government Concerned About Windows 8 Security

Zeit Online recently leaked documents indicating that the German Ministry of Economic Affairs has concerns about Trusted Platform Module technology built into Microsoft Windows 8. Though this technology has been present since 2006, concerns surrounding the latest version include the possibility that Microsoft could control computers and tablets remotely and that there is not an override.

How Important Is Your Intellectual Property for You? Is It Safe?

As per the official website of World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), Intellectual Property (IP), refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce’. Yet another definition for Intellectual Property, by Intellectual Property Office describes it as “results from the expression of an idea. So IP might be a brand, an invention, a design, a song or another intellectual creation. IP can be owned, bought and sold. ” From these definitions we understand that IP can be created, owned, bought and sold, but what happens if it is stolen? This article intends to throw light on the same.

4 Benefits of Using Data Destruction Services

Your company data can be very sensitive and it is very important to protect this information at all costs. In an era where companies will do anything to stay ahead of the competition, information security is a very big issue. One way to make sure that sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands is by destroying the data on hard drives when you no longer need it.

Preserving Business Data On The Cloud

The internet is good for many things, and many businesses are discovering all of the wonderful things that the web can do for businesses. With Cloud technology, the internet can be used for data storage. Cloud based technology is now becoming quite popular because of all that it can offer businesses a way to do preserve both data and archive email. Businesses who want to take care of their data should look into Cloud based email data preservation and back-up.

Backup! No Seriously, Back the Hell Up!

Why oh why do I meet so many folk that have horror stories about losing precious data, missing photos and accidental deletion of work that’s due in tomorrow? Why? Because they never did that backup I kept nagging them to do, that’s why!

Structuring Data With Cache

When it comes to the world of computers, there is nothing more important than data. A long time ago, data was kept on paper, but paper proved to be unreliable because it was vulnerable to things like water, temperature, and other destructive elements like bugs. Once computers came along, then businesses, and other facilities like hospitals, now had a much easier way to deal with volumes of data. For someone that works in the world of data, there are Cache MUMPS jobs that offer a person a chance to help organize data and make dealing with it more efficient and manageable.

How to Backup Your Windows 7 Based Computer

How to backup your windows 7 based computer. Don’t be the victim of a hard drive crash. Don’t let viruses,etc cause you to lose valuable data.

Your Guide To Data Recovery

Every business should have a system in place for data recovery. As a business owner who wants to secure business finances and operations, learn how you can get your way out of data loss.

Understanding the Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Role to Fend Off Data Loss in Business

Data loss has long been a subject of debate among the computer users and they claim to have been stuck in similar situations in quite a quick succession. The challenges that we face today are a mere outcome of our own unpreparedness. To an organization, data loss means more than simply losing files to a disaster.

How Data Dedupe Works

Data dedupe (deduplication) is a process that reduces the amount of data that is stored by elimination of redundant data, even if the redundancies exist in separate files, or even if the redundancies are within a single file. It can do this because data dedupe works at both full file level as well as within a file at block and bit level.

5 Things To Know About Enterprise Backup Solution

An enterprise backup solution is an important consideration to assure that, in an emergency, the essential data of the company can be accessed when needed. Without it, the loss of the data, alone, could cause the collapse of the company. That is how important a company’s essential data has become.

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