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Data Recovery Services & Solutions

Data recovery services & solutions are required when computer users are no longer able to connect to there data under normal operating conditions.

Urgent Data Recovery

If you find yourself in the unfortunate and sometimes awkward position of having lost some important data and need data recovery urgently, find a professional data recovery company to retrieve your lost data

Data Recovery Made Simple

Most of you must already know that the data you save on your computer is being practically stored on media like magnetic disks, hard disks, RAID configurations of hard disks. Data can also be stored on floppy disks, tapes, CDs, DVDs and other types of media.

Distinguishing Between Data That Can and Can’t Be Recovered

The chances of recovering data depend entirely on the circumstances of the loss and the methods applied thereafter. The ground rules are different in the case of physical and logical data loss. Keeping these factors in mind, the following steps have been outlined.

Hard Drive Data Loss

Accidental deletion, accidental formatting, virus damage, corrupt files, mechanical damage – these are some of the reasons why you would have lost some data off your hard drive or other drives. If this has happened to you, what is the next step?

Approaches To Data Recovery After Formatting

The first thing you need to do after a system crash has forced you to reformat your hard drive is to test your PC to make sure whatever caused the crash is still not around to destabilize your system. Once you know your PC is stable, you can begin the process of data recovery after formatting.

Consequences of Data Loss

Everyone all over the world stores relevant information as digital data now, and losing this data can render us totally helpless and disconnected with the world.

Developing Backup and Recovery Solution

In this article you will learn how to develop a backup and recovery solution. Data has become a firm’s most valuable asset, and it is tour

Online Data Storage & Backup Eliminates Weather Worries

There are many uncontrollable weather factors that cause power outages, adversely affecting electronic equipment. Among those factors, a lightning strike is far and away the most damaging, but also dangerous are things like accidental contact with power lines by repair trucks and other vehicles or even by animals. When power to a computer is disrupted, there frequently is a surge of current that can, in a nanosecond, completely destroy a database.

Online Data Storage Prevents Sabotage And Theft Of Information

If a company’s data is stored on-site, on its own servers and tapes, there’s little to prevent a “cracker” (the geek term for a malevolent hacker) from accessing those files and corrupting them beyond repair or erasing them altogether. When data is backed up and stored via an online data storage service, though, the danger posed by crackers is eliminated.

Don’t ‘Shutter’ When Data Loss Disaster Strikes

Who hasn’t heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”? While the origin of the expression has long been debated, many paintings and photographs have been the catalysts of both animated conversations and written exchanges.

Data Protection Software: When You Can’t Afford The Loss

Have you ever gone thought all the files you have stored on you computer and repeatedly thought, “I’d better back that up?” What you want to backup might not even be important to anyone else; you may have learned not to keep your bank account, stock portfolio, and credit card account passwords stored on your computer.

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