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Options to Storing Your Files And Images

Have you ever stored files on a CD so you have a back up in case something goes haywire with your computer? If you have, have you ever gone back to that CD to get something off of it only to find out that the disc is no longer good and the files you had on it are no longer readable or visible? If so, then join the club that has millions of members my friend because it sure has happened to me several times over the years. I event went to the lengths of having a copy of the CD in case the original corrupts only to find out that the copy is also corrupt! Talk about wanting to scream! Times like that really make you curse technology doesn’t it?

Your Next Computer Crash

WILL the next computer crash put your small business out of business, or are you ready for it? A small business recently lost their hard disk and spent $3,000 in an attempt to restore their business data, inventory, receivables, financials, emails, everything. They were unsuccessful. In the last six months we have heard many similar stories. Does hardware now have a shorter life?

Don’t Panic!

The tragedy that is the crashing of a computer. The hope that professional data recovery companies bring. What they do.

Back-Up Important Data

Any data recovery company will advise you to back-up your valuable files and data onto CD or DVD, to ensure that in the unfortunate event of data loss, you will still have a copy of your files and information. However, what happens when your CD or DVD storage media is damaged or corrupted in some way?

Finding Hidden Files-Security Related Software

The amount of security software designed for finding hidden files is overwhelming. But with some careful study, users can choose the application that is right for them.

A Solution to Computer Backup Problems

Finding a remote back up system for your computer can cost you a substantial amount of money, and time as well. Here is an alternative internet back up solution to burning CDs or using an external hard drive.

Hot Tip – Your Backup Is Only As Good As The Information Put Into It!

I wanted to provide you with a Hot Tip this week because a) it’s positively steamy in Toronto, and b) this tip is so important it’s “Red Hot” for: Absolutely Critical, Do Not Ignore, Think About It Right This Instant!

Data Recovery After Formatting – Why it is Important to Perform Data Recovery After Formatting

If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of your computer crashing then you know how hard it is to replace all the information you had saved on the system. It is very important that you perform data recovery after formatting. This will give you the best chances of saving as much information as possible from your hard drive. There are a couple of steps you can use to make the process less painful for you.

Computer Hoaxes for the Beginner

Hoaxes abound on the Internet and even in your e-mailbox. Some of them will damage your data. Here’s how to spot many of them before they propagate further.

SQL Replication with Online Backup

By using an online backup provider, you can easily backup your valuable SQL server data through snapshot replication, transactional replication, or merge replication.

Offsite Data Backup is Vital for Your Business

It is vitally important for your business that you store a copy of all of your electronic data offsite in case of emergency or disaster.

Is Online Data Backup Part of Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Every business needs to backup their electronic data. By choosing to use an online backup service as part of your disaster recovery plan, you can assure your data is offsite, safe and secure in case of a disaster.

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