How to transfer data, application from Windows XP to Windows 7 on another computer

Computer Data Recovery Costs

Four of the scariest words anyone can hear these days are computer data recovery cost. Hearing these words can mean only one thing, your computer is not working properly and valuable data that you have on the hard drive may be lost.

What You Need to Know About RAID Systems and Data Recovery

The failure of complex RAID systems and the types of valuable data that can be stored on them can have costly consequences for a business. To save such crucial information requires the experience and resources of a professional RAID data recovery service.

How to Repair Data From a Corrupt Excel File

Microsoft Excel is a real powerhouse that can be used with equal ease for composing shopping lists as also to carry out financial analysis. When Excel files get damaged due to any reason, Advanced Excel Repair will allow you to successfully repair the data in the corrupt files.

Off-Site Backups – Important Or Not?

Uncovering the importance of off-site backups, and discovering exactly how such solutions can help save critical business data. The introduction of scenarios helps illustrate this point, and ultimately answer the question – important or not?

Computer Repair Basics

Owning a computer is a valuable part of many different tasks you accomplish. Whether it amounts to checking email, paying bills, surfing the net, going to school or some other need, the computer is an important tool that makes it possible to get these things done.

Computer Repair – Preventive Maintenance

You remember when you first bought your computer and got it up and running, it was remarkably fast and it got things done almost at the speed of light it seemed. Now it seems to be incredibly slow and you’ve had some occasions when you’ve gotten that fatal blue screen that forces you to shut down the entire system, causing you to lose any unsaved work you had going at the time.

The Importance of Offsite Data Storage

With offsite data storage, companies will be able to access valuable business data even after extreme weather events or man-made hazards. Offsite data management requires an advanced software solution for the company to efficiently oversee the backup operation.

The Importance of Computer Backup

Keeping a file is a tedious job but losing it requires a more difficult task to do. This is the reason why every company has to make backups of every data or information that they input in their computer.

Recover Outlook Express After Damaged Store Folder

Each and every Outlook Express e-mail folders, messages, subscribed newsgroups and local IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) objects are stored in a single folder that is known as Store Folder or Store Root. This folder is the most significant part of your account but sometimes when you try to access data from account, you may get certain fault messages related to Store Folder corruption. This behavior makes all your significant data inaccessible and causes serious data loss.

What Type of History Does Your Computer Keep?

Windows is the most common applications used to provide dialogs for opening or saving operations. The “Common Dialog control” provides the standard dialog boxes for certain operations like saving and opening files, select fonts and colors and setting print options. The “ComDlg32 control” that is used in several applications, saves its set of information in the history apart from the other ‘Windows history’.

HP UNIX Recovery After “Can’t Read Superblock” Error

With HP-UX UNIX, after situations like operating system reinstallation, hard drive formatting or unforeseen data loss, when you try to restore data from disk image, it may not mount. So, the data can not be accessed from it. It results as critical data loss and requires HP UNIX Data Recovery to be fixed.

Data Recovery Doesn’t Have to Cost and Arm and a Leg

There are all kinds of misconceptions about data recovery. What it is. What it costs. What it involves. It just doesn’t have to be that difficult.

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