How to Repair Damaged QuickBooks Data File Using Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software

Why Backing Up Data In A Cloud Is Just Not Enough For Businesses

Sometimes, business owners see ways to protect sensitive data as “one-size” solutions. But, the real truth is that clouds may not be the best way to keep data safe and it won’t allow a professional to recover data from a hard drive if it is only saved in a cloud.

Proper IT Asset Disposal Is Crucial to Ensure Data Security and to Save Our Environment

IT asset disposal has become increasingly important these days, and rightfully so. Besides ensuring environment stability, proper disposal of IT assets will also help the businesses grow. If proper disposal methods are not in place, it could negatively affect the business.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Asset Management Recycling

Today, organizations spend a lot on the IT infrastructure. The technology environments are becoming multi-faced and increasingly complex, as they are set up with a range of local and wide area networks, CRM solutions, ERP modules, and other office productivity tools. All these have made the modern IT a complex system to manage.

Hard Drive Erase – Important Step to Keep Your Personal or Business Critical Data Safe

Today, data security has become one of the major issues for organizations. Securing the data is important to operate your business successfully. According to a report published by CDW, data loss is one of the top challenges faced by large and medium businesses these days. Data loss affects the organizations in various ways, which is why data security methods should be adopted as a priority.

How to Make Money From Your Old PC

Personal Computers have revolutionized the entire human civilization. With each passing day, PCs are becoming lighter, faster and more powerful than ever. But that sounds like a death knell for old models of PCs. However, the scrap PCs, if handled properly, can serve multiple purposes – protect the environment, open up new avenues for business and generate some cash for the owner. Out of these, the last aspect of computer recycling is probably the most lucrative one for the common people.

Why The Privacy Act May Be Opening The Door For Criminals To Attack

The UK Privacy Act may not be protecting data and keeping data as safe as company heads and government officials want to believe. It may not be a problem for residents who do not expect their data to be accessed by foreign entities, such as foreign companies overseas.

Looking at Online Backup Solutions

There the approach is usually to contract with a third party organisation. They will take periodic copies of all of your key information (or your entire system if required) automatically across the Internet, usually again at the close of your business day. In fact, in situations where your data is subject to more dynamic change, those backups can be taken more frequently if required.

Here Is What You Need to Know About Data Recovery for Your iPhone

The iPhones are incredibly customized devices. While this is a boon in many ways, it can make certain specific functions, such as data recovery and retrieval, a little hard to understand for the average user. This is where this guide comes of assistance.

Semiconductor Industry in the Era of Big Data and Analytics

This article is all about the impact of big data in the semiconductor industry. First let me explain what is big data. Big data are the data sets whose size is beyond the ability of typical database software to capture, store, manage and analyze.

The Broadening Scope of Corporate Asset Recovery Services

Growing number of people today rely on services which offer hassle free recovery of assets and bring solutions to long pending cases related to locating shareholders, heirs to estates, investors, due refunds, etc. Regaining of lost property rights is a great challenge and there are many concerns sprouted recently ready to take on and solve such disputes.

Common Disk Failures

Just what are the reasons behind these failures? What are the symptoms to look out for? This article breaks it down for you in the different types of failure.

Computer Recycling and Management of Sustainable Waste Energy

As said, it is the sole duty of an organization to discard its IT equipments and manage sustainable waste energy in an environmental friendly manner. A major chunk of hazardous waste includes recycling and refurbishing all computer equipments which if handled properly could save our planet from many environmental risks.

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