How to Repair Corrupt or Damaged Photos

SD Card Recovery – How to Undelete SD Card Files Easily

When you accidentally delete a file you wanted to save, or the file was corrupted for some reason, what do you do? How are you supposed to fix the problem and undelete SD Card files? Relax, don’t panic. There is a way to undelete everything on your SD card.

How to Fix BCD Corruption and Data Loss in Microsoft Windows Vista

Are you getting startup errors in Microsoft Windows Vista? Is your Windows Vista operating system-based computer unbootable and your data totally inaccessible? The problem generally occurs due to some missing or damaged boot files from your Windows Vista computer.

How to Recover Corrupted Or Deleted Files From a Flash Drive

Are you wondering how to recover files from flash drive? Sometimes, files will be corrupted when opening them on different computers to save your work, such as when using a public access computer at the local library or at school or work. This can lead to lost files, corrupted files, accidentally deleted or improperly installed files.

Data Recovery is Good – If You Lose Data Here’s What it Can Do For You

Now that we are in the digital age, you will find that there are many people that are caught up on using computers. This may be for professional use or just their own personal use. Because of the widespread use of computers there are countless cases of data loss.

Hard Drive Or Web Backup? Correct Configuration is Crucial to Avoid Data Loss

Read about the most common pitfall of computer backup that can cause data loss, even when you think you are safe. Web backup makes it easy to avoid. If you are backing up to your own media then it is up to you to choose the right tools and configure them correctly.

Data Protection – A Review of SpiderOak Online Backup and Sync

SpiderOak is a privately managed business who are based in Northbrook, Illinois and were formed in December 2007. They run an Online Backup, Online Synchronization and Online Sharing Service which gives 100Gb of web storage for $10 per month and you can have up to 1.5Tb of storage in 100Gb chunks, each chunk costing an additional $10 a month.

6 Little Known Secrets To Organizing Data With SharePoint

There’s little doubt that SharePoint can touch each byte of data within your organization. Keep these tips in mind to easily organize and retrieve data.

Automated Metadata Tagging in SharePoint

Many organizations fail to take full advantage of the capabilities within SharePoint. This is especially true in the areas of accessing relevant information. For most companies the process is ripe with errors and delays.

Crashed Hard Drive Recovery – How to Recover Files From a Crashed Hard Drive

What will you do if your hard drive crashes? Undeniably, the hard disk is one of the most important parts of your computer. This is where you save all your programs and files. However, at some point, you may encounter a hard drive failure. When your hard drive fails to work, all your files will be gone. But don’t fret just yet.

Deleted Mp3 Recovery – How to Restore Deleted Mp3 Files Easily

With mp3s, you have the convenience of having a portable music storage device. However, even though they’re convenient, the most common problem with mp3 players is that the songs can be easily deleted. But do not worry. There are still ways to recover deleted mp3 files.

Going Green With Distributed Capture

How to go green by improving your content and document management systems. From data scanning to document capture solutions, here’s how to get started helping the environment today.

Review of BackBlaze Online Backup Solution

BackBlaze offer just the one option which allows unlimited storage for only $5 per month or $50 per year. Their solution to online archiving is slightly unusual because they presume there clients need to backup all your personal files – documents, music, pictures, videos, etc. – so you will need to exclude data you do not want backed up.

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