How to Recover PSD Files from Windows Computer?

What and How Much People Know About Online Storage/Cloud Solutions

If the facts are to be believed, then only 16% of the population can explain about cloud storage. Even this percentage has had mixed reviews about cloud storage. Anyways, I would say it’s not a big deal if people don’t know about cloud storage.

Best Solution to Recover Data From Corrupt Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

MS Excel is a popular spreadsheet application tool, which is introduced by Microsoft for creating electronic spreadsheet documents. This spreadsheet program is a part of Microsoft Office, and it is commonly used for storing, organizing and managing data. MS Excel program is primarily designed to store a workbook in an electronic form. We can create professional spreadsheets and charts by using Microsoft Excel program.

Need of Enterprise Data Backup and Archive Systems for Indian Businesses

India is now a fast growing and emerging economy with lots of technology-driven companies. But unfortunately enterprise data security, backup and archiving plans are not yet widely implemented by most of these companies. This article is a study of data backup needs, systems and plans.

Creating an Emergency Computer Repair Plan

Would you be upset if every photo, file, and document on your computer disappeared tomorrow? Would you be prepared? We often take our computers for granted because 99% of the time they work. But hardware and software failures happen. Theft happens. There are times when you can’t prepare for data loss and those situations can leave you scrambling for your old tax documents, software keys, or college homework assignments when you need them most.

Mac Data and File Recovery Software

A professional photographer once lost his files accidentally. It was during that time that he was able to recover a big bulk of his work which he had thought he lost completely. He also feared that the name and reputation he made for himself was lost as well.

Online Backup or Backup Disaster Recovery Solutions, What’s Best for You?

We won’t state the obvious, but we all know the importance of backup. If any business is not meticulously backing up their data, they are making a tremendous mistake. Having your data compromised, lost or corrupt will create chaos in your environment and could cost your business thousand of dollars. What business owners don’t realize is that having your employee seating around while your IT is recovering your data, or server, also costs money. Think about it, if you pay your employee $10 an hour, and they work 8 hours a day, you have to pay them $80 a day correct? (Of course we are not considering, taxes, insurance etc… ). If your server is down or if the data is corrupt and it takes 4 hours to recover it, your employee does not cost you $10 an hour. Your employee costs you $20 an hour because he/she only worked 4 hours out of 8. Multiply this by the number of employees you have and you’ll have an idea of the damage.

Integrate Data By Means Of Email Spam Filter Service

The Email Spam Filter Service is the best and the most trusted email maintenance and integrating mechanism which help in the perfect protection of data. Here’s a quick overview of the means of integrating data using email spam filtering appliances.

Photo Recovery From An SD Card Dilemma

Did you ever delete an important image by accident from an SD Card in your digital camera or any other device? At that moment panic sets in… What am I going to do now? I need to get that image back immediately! This is no-doubt a real dilemma… so you think!

How To Resurrect Data From a Dead or Erased Hard Drive?

There is no real substitution for proper backups to be made of your important data however, Hard Drives eventually fail and sometimes resurrecting data from a dead or erased hard drive is possible. The following tips may help you recover part or all of your valuable information in the case of a hard drive failure.

Convert OST File When Synchronization Hassles Corrupt OST Data

Offline Storage Tables were introduced as one of the best innovations in the tech-centric world everybody wants everything available within their reach like the availability of Exchange Server connectivity all the time. All time connection of the Exchange Server isn’t possible and that’s when OST files come to the rescue, as they are the local copy of the Exchange Server and any changes made on the offline files are immediately updated on the server file as soon as the Exchange get connected to the internet. But when such savior files become the reason of failure then, it becomes quite difficult…

Computer File Backup: The Basics

This article describes the basics of backing up computer files. It is intended for those who have limited knowledge of computer storage.

Repair or Replace? How To Ensure Computer Reliability

Mac, PC computers and laptops require occasional service to keep them working efficiently, but that can be challenging for most people to do themselves. When problems arise, many assume they’ll need a new computer, which is something a big box store is all too ready to agree with and provide. Computer repair is often a better and a more affordable option. John Taylor, of PC Geeks, shares inside information to help you make informed choices about your system.

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