How to Recover Lost Data from a Crashed or Unbootable Computer?

Get Lost Data Back on Track – How to Unerase Deleted Files

It is quite common that an important file is accidentally deleted by the user. There are lots of reasons why a certain file is lost. Sometimes the “delete” button is accidentally pressed by the user, or a virus that entered the system, that cause your file to be accidentally deleted within the hard drive.

Overcome Lost or Forgotten Mail Password Problem

Now a days various mailing applications as Microsoft Outlook Express, Outlook Express and many more are widely used in companies for better communication and easy management of personal information. As these applications contain very important and confidential information there is a feature available to protect mail accounts by applying password. Every time while accessing mail account it will ask for “Save this password” if you have not selected “save this password” option you have to enter password by your own while accessing your mail account.

Fixing Common Data Loss Issues

The most taking place and general reasons for losing data from computer are, accidental deletion of files and folders, removing files using Shift+Delete key, emptying the recycle bin or Trash, unintentional formatting of the hard disk or volume, Software malfunction, virus attack, corrupted hard drive, and power fluctuations. All these data loss situations will affect not only the business but also the professionals who are working with computer daily.

The Two Ways To Recover RAID Systems

When you have professional hardware that fails, you should probably trust a professional. Read how to make that process as smooth as possible.

How To Recover Data From Hard Drive

If you have been using computers for a while, you must have heard that the data that is stored in your hard drive is not necessarily safe. Those of you who think that this is not true will need to face reality and be aware that it is actually true. This can be attributed to the fact that hard drives are not as sturdy as other methods of storage like CDs and DVDs.

PC Backup Software – Advanced Data Protection Software

Understanding the problems can help your grasp of the functions of PC backup software. The advent of state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies has revolutionized the manner in which data is stored by individuals as well as businesses. We have gone past the days when all information was stored in physical files. These days, individuals as well as big companies make it a point to store and retrieve data in electronic format. Virus attacks or even a power outage can affect the security of the information that is stored. It is therefore essential that one keep an extra copy of all-important files at a different retrievable location in case the original ones are lost. By storing this information in a centralized server the PC backup software eliminates the risk of loss.

Outlook 2007 Repair Made Easy

The most popular email client Outlook stores and manages emails, contacts, calendar, journals, and notes etc. in data base named as .PST (Personal Folder File). Microsoft outlook contains different folders like, Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items Folder, and Deleted Item Folder to mange the item accordingly.

Common Outlook 2007 Issues and Solution

This article speaks about some of the common issues with the PST file present in Outlook 2007. The article also provides a solution to the reader, on how to tackle the issue effectively.

How to Retrieve Erased Files From Recycle Bin?

Sometimes very significant data files on your laptop get erased accidentally or often you erase them and later on wish that you had not erased them. The common thing in both instances is that you want to learn how to retrieve erased files from recycle bin?

Creating Website Backup Through FTP

One cannot change the reality that web owners seriously need a backup of their websites. Only a website backup can provide its owners a cure-all countermeasure to all the looming security threats. The backup can be obtained through different means; herein we shall discuss a legit website backup option which is FTP backup option.

Protect Your Precious Data With Online Backup

Protecting your data with online or remote backup is critical. I’ll give you the benefits and which service currently gives your data the best in protection.

Why A Server Recovery Plan Is A Must For All Organizations

Does your organization have a server recovery action plan? It should, and here’s a good starting point.

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