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Formatted Data Recovery – What to Do When Everything is Lost

So you accidentally formatted your hard drive or storage device. Do not panic, or if you have already; please stop and read on. Whether you realize it or not, usually when you delete files on your computer, they are not removed immediately, they are merely removed from the computer’s “sight” and by extension, yours.

SQL Server Snapshot – How it Works

A SQL server snapshot is essentially what it sounds like, it is a snapshot of the system that is stored and used as a primary system. Here’s how it works.

Do You Back Up Your Website-Ecommerce Site Files?

Do you have a backup of your website files? If your website goes down and the hosting company cannot bring it back up, will you be in deep trouble? While most hosting companies back up their servers regularly, it’s still a good idea to back up your files. If you own an e-commerce site, you especially should back up often, since your hosting company’s backup may be several days old, and you risk losing all of your more recent transactions.

Computer Offsite, Online Backup Alleviates Conventional Backup Concerns

Companies have invested a lot of time, money and effort in developing business files and data. They are costly to recreate, and many cannot be replicated at all. Unfortunately, data-loss disasters DO happen, the key is being prepared.

Disk Backup – A Disaster Recovery Plan

Today’s businesses are more dependent on computer technology than ever before. Both small home-based businesses and large worldwide corporations rely on computers. However, a computer is prone to failure. This is something businesses have known for decades, but many do not have the data or disk backup system that they need. Whether it is the “blue screen of death” on a PC or an actual natural disaster, these situations often cause considerable data loss. Such an event is damaging to big companies, and sometimes fatal to smaller ones.

Gain Peace of Mind When Backing Up Precious Data

In the event of such a disaster we are forced to cope with misfortune. It’s hard to imagine, until it happens and then we are pinned to the wall. With nowhere to turn we scramble to pick up the pieces and put the information back together. But with the source destroyed, zapped, stolen, burned, whatever the case may be, what are we to do? Where is this peace of mind?

USA Data Border Security

The system was authorized by post-Sept. 11 laws, including the Enhanced Border Security and Visa Reform Act of 2002, the Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001, and the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. People expect to be checked when they enter the country and for the government to determine if they’re admissible or not, but what they don’t expect is for the government to keep a record for 15 years of their coming into the country.

How Important Are Data Backup Reporting Tools?

People often don’t realize the importance of data backup reporting tools until it is too late and they have lost loads of information that even the most savvy tech minds in the company can’t retrieve. Businesses both small and large seem to think they are exempt from a data disaster, but the truth is that it is far more common than one might think.

Verizon FiOS Offers Backup of Your Data Online

If you have never lost data due to a hard drive crash, never seen important files wiped out by a virus, and never struggled to reconstruct data that was not backed up, consider yourself lucky. Also keep in mind that you simply have not faced this catastrophe yet; it could happen at any time. Verizon FiOS can keep your data safe and make sure you never face the stark reality of lost data.

Data Recovery on Mac or Hitachi Computers

Data recovery is different on every computer. When you need to get files back, you will want to call in professional hard disk data recovery specialists. Mac, Hitachi, and other brands and models of computers will all have different components where data loss can be retrieved.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Software Will Fix Your Data Loss

Your computer is vital part of your life. If you are a person that utilizes your computer both at home and at the office, you know how important it is for your computer to work properly and store your data safely and securely. But what if there is a problem with your computer?

Drive Data Recovery Restores Lost Data

Hard drive data recovery is the best way to restore missing or damaged files and folders so that they can once again be used. This can be done by having your hard drive repaired by data recovery professionals or using file recovery software on your own. If you want to know which method works best, it depends on the condition of the hard drive.

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