How to Recover Deleted/Unsaved Word Document 2019/2018/2016/2013/2010/2007 in Windows 10

Simple Tips in Deleted Data Recovery

If you think it can happen only in CSI or Mission Impossible, think again. Deleted date recovery is no longer just a thing in your imagination. It is already possible and is in fact very easy to do.

Choose Only the Best Data Recovery Programs

If you think you are in big trouble because you lost the only file you have of the e-book you are working on, then you can imagine the utter dismay and sheer anger of a computer engineer whose hard drive crashed containing more than ten years work of coded information that a whole enterprises relies on. This could very well lead to his termination and you to tears when all is lost and there is nothing you can do.

Lost Data Recovery? Do It With Online Tools and Software

Deleting files by accident, whether accompanied by negligence or simply because of unintentional circumstances, does not happen all the time. But the thing is, it does happen.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online File Storage

Many people rely on online file storage to keep important files and documents safe should anything happen to the computer. Online file storage services have now taken over where external hard drives left off as the most effective and convenient way of keeping documents safe.

Why Do Pen Drives or RAM Disks Fail?

Pen drives are very reliable if used with care but may fail completely if abused. This article describes the commonest caused of failure and possible fixes.

Different Ways To Back Up Your Important Data

There are many ways to backup your data, but not all of them are the same! In this article there are some of the common ways.

Recover Data From Damaged Hard Drive

To recover data from damaged hard drive is not impossible. In many cases, there are still some things that can be done for you to get your most important data back. Read on to see what you can do to recover your data.

What Exactly Is Cloud Computing?

The confusion with cloud comes from the wide adoption of the term when describing most (or in some cases any) forms of hosting – shared or managed. It has become synonymous with virtualisation, on-demand services, outsourcing and many more terms which have actually been in use within the market before the term ‘cloud’ was coined, and have become important considerations in their own right when reviewing IT strategies and plans. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), cites the definition of cloud computing as:

Business Continuity Risks

The continuing rise in the widespread use of emails as a legitimate business communication channel and the use of the internet and computers in general, have led the loss of IT and Communication systems to become one of the main business continuity risks. But many do not consider what would happen if things did go wrong.

Computer Won’t Boot? Is Your Data Safe?

If your computer won’t boot what will you do? Panic because you’ve lost data? This is what happened to one of my clients yesterday.

Understanding the Challenge of Preserving a Data Center

Setting up a data center entails large sums of cash therefore it is best to take full advantage of this facility. As much as possible, you have to check the condition from time to time so as to preserve the amazing performance. You do not have to worry about the expense since the purchase can give you satisfaction and confidence in return. Meeting competition is rather difficult so you must grab the specific assets which can offer your business a boost or edge over the other players in the field.

Does Your Business Need Data Center Services?

There are times when you business has to be stopped due to uncontrollable circumstances. This may lead to loss of important critical data, client details and other important information. This is a situation where the need of data center arises.

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