How to Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista?

Retrieve Photos Nikon D60 With Photo Recovery Software for PC or Mac

The Nikon D60 is a great Nikon camera to own, when you are want to take great pictures. It is very similar to the D40x, with additional features. It is a great camera to own for its excellent specs, such as the 10 MP feature and yet, the price is not hefty for what you can get from it. The main problem with this camera is that it has a slower shutter speed with flash. This can pose as a problem when you take photos. They sometimes do not appear on the SD card, to which the photos are supposed to be saved on to. If that happened to you – this guide will show you how to recover your deleted pictures.

Photo Recovery for the SanDisk Media Card

It is very common for the SanDisk Media card to suddenly lose photos saved into them, even if you are not intentionally deleting photos from the card. This is a very common error, and fortunately, this can be solved and photos can be retrieved using photo recovery software. You will learn how to recover lost photos from the SanDisk Media card as you read on this article.

Linux Data Loss Due To File System Inconsistencies

Linux is an open-source operating system, which is widely used by home as well as professional computer users. It is a reliable and stable operating system because of the features that it offers.

Salesforce Integration: The Easiest Way to Synchronize Data Efficiently

Most organizations are facing the challenges of managing a proper customer data base as well as managing the innumerable employees situated at different locations of the organization. Especially large enterprises that have a large client base need to efficiently follow a customer relationship management system, without draining out the companies reserves. In this regard, SaaS or Software as a Service helps businesses to synchronize data across shared data banks.

Mac Data Recovery – How to Buy the Best Mac Data Recovery Software

Mac Data recovery tools are highly useful for getting back your lost Mac files in any data loss situation that you might face. Just like windows based systems, there are various scenarios under which you lose your Mac data. Following are some common reasons of Data loss in Mac based systems.

Mozy – Consistent, Reliable Online Backup

On a yearly basis, hundreds of thousands of people find that they are unable to access important documents due situations that simply couldn’t be avoided or predicted. If you lost all of your files in a fire, flood or theft, could you ever replace them? Mozy can protect your computer from these undesirable situations. It is easy to use and will ensure your files will never be lost.

How to Take Data Center Secure Backup

It is important for every organization to keep all the information safe and secure. Every company should do a research before it selects a provider to manage all it information related needs. You need to decide the features you are looking for in a provider that meets all your basic requirements and provides you best of facilities for a safe and secure backup.

Hard Drive Failed – What Is the Actual Cause?

Though there are many other available storage media, including CD, DVD, pen drive, USB drive etc., hard disk of a computer is still the prime storage location of your valuable data. Moreover, many users usually use the external/internal hard drives for the long term storage of important data.

Retrieve Deleted Pictures on the Nikon D5000 With Photo Recovery Software

The Nikon D5000 camera is one of the best cameras to own when you want to learn how to take photographs and practice with the technical aspects of a camera, and is much like the other DX cameras that are offered in the market. It is the smallest in size, weight and price of the series. However, it can be sensitive and you may lose photos, when you save on the Single SD card that comes with it. It is a very silent camera, and you may not notice that you are accidentally deleting photos instead of reviewing the pictures. This article will show you how to recover photos on the Nikon D5000.

Perform EDB to PST Conversion to Overcome From EDB Corruption Error

EDB files are the database files on Exchange Server that plays a major role in keeping users mailboxes. EDB file can too get corrupt or damage due to different reasons. Though Microsoft has devised some tools like Exmerge.exe or Eseutil.exe to perform EDB to PST conversion, but when it comes to serious corruption, these tools unfortunately fails to perform the operation. On such occasions, switching to third party EDB to PST convertor is always a better option. Using an effective EDB to PST tool is very simple and moderately very easy.

WORMS in the Datacentre?

We received an interesting request in the office last week. A financial client wanted a solution to a regulatory requirement to store transactions safely without any risk of records being deleted, either accidentally or fraudulently. The great thing about being an independent reseller is that we can look across the market and not tied to single vendor. When I looked at the actual statements made by the regulators they are amazingly difficult to plow through, that must be why firms employ compliance officers. Our client’s requirement was for WORM (Write Once Read Many) technologies.

Data Loss – What Do You Do?

One of the largest troubles user of newer technologies face is information loss. It is specifically horrid when storing critical or private information in your personal computer, for example businesses, or person tax information or even photos and music. Numerous issues can trigger data loss.

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