How to recover delete or lost partitions

The Secret to Recovering Files on Your Computer That Are Lost Or Damaged

Mistakes happen, we delete an important document or file, or we mistakenly install something that has a virus in it. When our computers are under attack from a virus, it can create a lot of havoc and one of these problems would be corrupted files.

Disk Backup and Tape Backup

Some people may argue that tape backup is completely outdated and disk backup is the only way to go, but there are advantages to both. Many businesses are looking for safe, reliable solutions to backup company data and restore entire systems.

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool was originally an antimalware tool created by Microsoft a few years ago. However, a new breed of malware is now mimicking as Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool and hijacking host computers in order to make money.

Spyware Removal Programs

Has your computer recently slowed down inexplicably? Does it keep splashing popups and inappropriate ads all around? Does it keep opening absurd unknown sites setting them as homepage? If it’s any of the problems that your PC is showing then it’s time for you to get a good spyware removal program.

Recovering Deleted Or Lost Files

Oops! Five minutes after the fatal mistake you are still kicking yourself. How could you have deleted that file? Don’t worry; the same thing has happened to everyone at some point. Computers crash and people make mistakes, both of which make it impossible to access important data. Recovering deleted or lost files is fortunately possible, so it’s time to look into some of the options available.

The Document ‘Filename’ Caused a Serious Error – Excel Error and Recovery

Microsoft Office Excel is an application used to create, edit and maintain featured spreadsheets. If any of its files suffers serious error such as that can cause the application to unexpectedly crash, Microsoft Office adds the file to list of disabled files.

Data Security, Not File Security

Keeping your information safe and secure is a never ending job these days, since technology is constantly changing. Whether it be new operating systems, patches for the holes in existing operating systems or programs, or hackers who find exploitable items within a program or operating system…

Is it Possible to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages? – How to Go About Retrieving Deleted Text Messages

Are you wondering if it is possible to retrieve deleted text messages? If so then your in the right place as ill show you exactly how to go about retrieving deleted text messages…

Can I Recover a Deleted Mobile Phone Text Message

Are you looking to recover deleted text messages from your mobile phone? If so then your in the right place! Continue reading to find how to recover deleted messages…

IP Backup – 5 Myths Smashed

A number of about IP Backup exists which are completely unfounded. Many people think that IP Backup is insecure or is not a fully fledged solution; this is absolutely untrue. It is high time to eliminate these prejudices for once and for all.

Did You Accidentally Delete a File From Your Computer? The Best Way to Get it Back

One of the most horrific experiences when you are using your computer is to accidentally delete a file that is very important and that you need. It happens to everyone, and it can be pretty devastating to see all your hard work go down the drain. Fortunately though, there are now ways to remedy the situation easily, if you have the tool that was created just for this exact purpose.

How Do You Perform a Reverse Cell Phone Search?

It is easier to make a search for the phone number as long as you have the name of the person or company. But what if you only have a telephone or cellular phone number and you do not know the owner of the number, how do you perform a reverse call phone search? Is that possible?

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