How to recover data from Windows hard Drive (FREE)

Recover Your Important Computer Data – Why It’s a Critical Activity to Test Your Recovery Process

Back up for your computer information is a great and useful process to save your important data. But it can all come undone if your recovery process fails, and it’s the last development you need when your data is critical and you discover you may require expensive recovery processes and costs.

Why Back Up Data?

Data like files, contracts and database files are the most important and most expensive thing in the company. The owner always can move the office to another city, change the hardware. But only one element will be unchangeable, which is data. It grows every single day.

What is Media Surface Contamination?

The hard drive platters are where all the data from our computer system is stored. The data is saved in sectors on the platter. As known to one and all, the components of a hard drive are extremely sensitive.

Recover Deleted Files in Windows – The 1 Fatal Mistake to Avoid

We have all been there once – a bit of distraction, the wish to clean up the HD, a quick move of the mouse to the trash bin – and suddenly we are missing important files that we inadvertently deleted. No need to panic yet – there are a few tricks you can try even after you have emptied your trash bin.

Data Loss and How to Claim Compensation

Being aware of the data that is kept about us, and ensuring that those holding that data are protecting it, has become an important part of our culture. It has become vital to make sure that we are informed about how our data is being kept, where and what is being kept and how it should be protected.

Pictures Lost From IBM Microdrive

The IBM Microdrive, is basically a 1-inch hard disk which fits into CompactFlash (CF) Type II card slot. It is used in cameras and other storage devices. In 2003, IBM Microdrive was bought over by Hitachi and became known as the Hitachi Microdrive.

Recover Deleted Photos From the New Sony H20

Sony cybershot cameras are known for their superior picture quality and high resolution. The Sony H20, comes with a Carl-Zeiss Vario-Tessar 10x optical zoom lens.

Flash Data Recovery Tool For Next Generation Data Recovery

Along with the development of data storage and information technology, Flash drives are publicly recognized as the first chosen media to store the data among all storage media. It is undoubtedly that Flash drives have brought the storage era into another generation and tools used for flash data recovery is also on the urgent demanding. The Flash Drive is one among the most popular storage devices today.

All the Reasons You Really Need Hard Drive Recovery

Businesses and home users alike must be aware of the risk of catastrophic hard drive failure, and have access to the services of reliable hard drive recovery professionals. As laptops and USB memory sticks become increasingly essential at work, this has simply increased the risk of data loss through hard drive failure.

How to Check Registry For Errors and Fix Them

It is very important to know how to check the Windows registry because of one simple reason: the registry is one of the main causes of most errors in Windows. Let’s talk about how to tell if it’s time to check the registry and how to check and fix issues with it.

Data Recovery Experts See Data Loss Increase in Recession

Leading experts in the field of data recovery are reporting increased problems from businesses affected by the recession, as they seek to cut costs. Downsizing IT departments to shave cash from the budget can be a false economy if it leads to a catastrophe only solvable by expert data recovery.

Options For Laptop Data Recovery

In your laptop you keep some very important and personal priceless photos, and it can be really frustrating when they get deleted because of a hard disk crash! Data loss can often prove to be very painful. It can cost you more than you can ever expect.

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