How to Recover Data from Crashed or Unbootable Mac Systems (Big Sur support added)

How to Recover Data From a Hard Drive Crash or Accidental Format

An explanation of different types of hard drive crashes and the methods used to recover the data. This includes software related crashes and physical failures of the hard drive.

How Would You Send Large Files In an Ideal World?

Architects and engineers employed at large firms frequently find it necessary to transfer big files weighing in at several tens or even hundreds of megabytes. Unfortunately, the use of traditional FTP (file transfer protocol) methods can be highly unsatisfactory for a couple of reasons.

A Brief History of File Sharing

It is arguable that the prehistoric cave paintings of Lascaux, France represent the oldest form of “file sharing” – at least, in the sense of communicating messages. Through most of recorded history, the most common file share method was by courier, which could be a hazardous profession. In many ancient cultures the bearer of bad news was often killed on the spot.

Photo Recovery for Mac or Windows: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you are like me, and somehow the photos that you took on your digital camera are not there anymore, I want you to try to relax because there is a good chance we are going to get your deleted pictures back. It’s frustrating when a memory card gets accidentally formatted or corrupted, but the truth is that in many cases pictures stored on a memory card can be recovered through a multitude of techniques.

FTP File Transfer

When only physical documents were available, this had to be done with the use of couriers or delivery services. But in the digital age documents are created, sent and received electronically using online file transfer.

Photo Recovery Software for Mac OS X

No matter what the operating system you are using, photo loss can take place from Mac computer, like Windows and Linux. With the evolution of the highly developed digital camera, capturing photos and shooting video clips have become more entertaining and fascinating.

Guide on Selecting the Right Photo Recovery Tool

This article speaks about the difference in recovery of documents and recovery of photos. The article also gives the reader tips on how to choose the right photo recovery software.

How to Bypass Windows 7 Password?

How to bypass Windows 7 password when you forgot? Now you can follow the step-by-step guide to bypass your Windows 7 password with ease.

Carbonite Vs Mozy – A Legit Comparison

When it comes to the industry of online backup services, there are always two names that enter the pictures: Carbonite and Mozy. These are considered to be two of the most popular online backup utilities existing on cyberspace. If you want to get the best out of backing up your files online, then it is just the right thing to see a legit comparison between Carbonite and Mozy to see how one is different from another.

The Importance of Backing Up Files and Folders

In this electronic age our computers have become the most common place to store a multitude of personal information. We store our financial records, letters, photographs, music, personal videos, back up of our telephone contacts and work related data and much more on our computer hard drives.

How to Recover Deleted Files on an iPod

This article speaks about the two general types of deletion methods that are usually used. The article also talks about the process after a file is deleted on an iPod and how a person can recover the deleted file.

Recover Deleted Files From iPod

The portable digital media player iPod developed and marketed by Apple. Now iPod serves as one of the most excellent entertainment devices for music and video player’s in this dynamic world. In order to store huge amount of important data, people are generally using this digital device.

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