How To Recover Data From a Windows BitLocker Encrypted Drive?

Migrate Contacts From Lotus Notes to Outlook Exchange Server 5.5 or Exchange 2000

The advancement of technology has compelled people to switch from Lotus Notes to Outlook Exchange Server 5.5 or Exchange 2000. While the process of Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion, migrating contacts becomes a tough task. This article describes the ways to perform easy migration of Lotus Notes to Outlook along with contact list.

Boot Block Corruption Causes Data Loss in Linux

The Linux hard drive is partitioned in various partitions/volumes for effective management of your valuable data. Linux hard drive volumes start from the boot block where boot information of the operating system is stored. Last two byes of the Linux boot block contains boot block signature.

Integration As a Service – Planning Through Development

Big enterprises have to imply lot of integration technology systems. Although they have worked well in the past, nowadays they are considered as a barrier in the effective operation of any business. It has become important that plenty of systems get reduced and integration as a service model can be used to invoke the services through different applications.

MS Access Database Behaving Abruptly

There are many situations where you might see your MS Access database behaving in an abnormal manner. Few of the unexpected behaviour situations could be missing of database table records, strange and repetitive error messages, inaccessible database components (forms, reports, etc), or slow execution of commands. Some common reasons behind abrupt behaviour of MS Access database could be application related issues, system problems, database corruption, and virus infection.

Introduction to Mac Data Loss and Mac Data Recovery Solutions

Mac OS X is a robust and reliable operating system, designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The operating system offers a wide range of advanced features, which make it more powerful and advanced than other computer operating systems.

Little Known Secrets To Find The Right Professional For Your IT Services

Selecting the right IT professionals is very important for any business organization. Expertise, experience, cost, ease of use need to be considered.

Has Your Computer Found Malware and You Are Worried About the Cost of Virus Cleanup?

Has your computer found malware and you are worried about the cost of cleanup? Let me give you a clearer image. If you do not have the malware removed, you lose anywhere from four hundred to more than two thousand dollars’ worth of computer or laptop, and you can die a million times in that online campaign because of lag caused by malware dragging your PC down.

Online Data Backup Service Tips

There are many options and services available when choosing an online, off-site data backup service. If you are not familiar with what to look for or what questions to ask you could make a devastating mistake that can cost you lost time, money and even lost data.

How Electronic Document Management System Works for the Legal Industry

File cabinets, printed documents, and faxes are so yesterday. These days, businesses are managing their employee and client communication with electronic document management systems (EDM) that reduce paper costs, enhance organization and increase productivity.

Undelete Deleted Files Easily

In many circumstances, we may end up with losing data from our computer. This can be taken place due to human mistakes, or due to system errors like software malfunction, virus attacks, drive failure or corruption, etc. There will not be anything more hurtful than losing important files, like files related to business, private data, which we had worked for a long instant.

Integration As a Service – Revolutionizing Cloud Services

Data management and execution is one of the main concerns for every company working on cloud services. Since the company’s data is stores across various databases, it poses a great challenge for data admin to ensure that required data is executed and managed as per the requirement. Different divisions and sometimes even departments need to access information from each others database.

File Recovery – Backup Software For PC

There are many options in software, so you need to determine what you need most in your PC backup software program. A feature that some software offer is the complete recovery of all applications and settings. Another piece of software might only offer recovery of your files and not your applications. Depending on your needs these might be necessities for your situation.

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